How To Easily Prepare Meals On A Budget

Last Updated on April 7, 2021 by Paula


Since the pandemic started, I have been so busy.  I have no time for myself.  I am always in a hurry.

When you are always in a hurry, taking time to do some meal prepping, especially when you are doing the keto diet, is close to impossible.  I know!  I have been there. 

However, I have come to realize that I have been spending a huge chunk of my monthly budget on take-out food. And it is a huge chunk, I swear, because I live on my own! Another chip goes to skin care and makeup lol. That was when I decided to plan my meals in advance to reduce the money I spend on take-out food.

I have never been good at planning.  I have always been a spur-in-the-moment kind of person, but when I started to do some meal prepping, I was floored by how much time and money I was saving.

By prepping my meals, my budget eased up a bit. I did not worry about what food to prepare for dinner and having to run to the grocery for last minute ingredients.

Meal prepping can be intimidating at first, but when you get the hang out of it, it will be such a breeze. 

Here are five tips on how to easily do some meal prepping on a budget:

Prepare a food calendar. 

Print and fill up your food calendar before going to the grocery.  Make sure you are only buying the things you will need. (I always add Soju to my important list lol) But seriously, sticking to your list will make you save a lot.

Buy in bulk.

Buying food items in bulk is usually a good option especially if the food items are on sale. 

Prepare storage containers for your Prep Meals.

With all the time you spent planning and prepping your meals, you will want to be sure to store them in storage containers that are convenient and spill-proof. Choose plastic containers that are leak-proof and will not warp when subject to heat.  If you are worried about chemicals in the plastic container, you may always use glass containers.

Always have zip lock bags, reclosable food service bags, and kitchen bags on hand.  These will help keep your food fresh.

Also, since lately, I have been trying to make my own low carb almond loaf bread, I always make sure I have bread bags on hand.

Make an inventory of food items in your pantry and refrigerator.

Check your pantry and refrigerator and take a close look on goods that are on hand.  This will prevent duplicate buying of food items.

Go to your local farmer’s market.

Your local farmer’s market always offer the freshest and in-season food items at a lower price.

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