Are these 5 Baguio City Breakup Curses Real?

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Quick Answer Box: The Baguio Breakup Curse – Fact or Fiction?

Is the Baguio Breakup Curse real?
Here’s the short answer – it’s complicated.
The Gist:
Rumor has it: Couples visiting certain spots in Baguio might be cursed to part ways.
Legends include: Pink Sisters Convent, Baguio Cathedral, and more.
But here’s the twist: It’s all about the experience and what you make of it.

So, is there really a Baguio Breakup Curse?
Officially, nope – it’s a mix of urban legend and local lore.
But, unofficially? It’s a Baguio mystery that keeps lovebirds guessing.
Just remember, it’s not about where you go, it’s about the love you share. And that is curse-proof!
For the full lowdown, keep scrolling!

Are these Baguio City Breakup Curses Real?

Baguio City is, like, the perfect spot for a romantic getaway with bae, right?

Cool weather, gorgeous landscapes, and strawberries for days! I mean, how could I have taken all these for granted? (I honestly missed all these when I started to work at BGC).

But did you know that Baguio is hiding some seriously spooky love curses that could put your relationship to the test?

And get this – Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla were everyone’s #RelationshipGoals, right?

Well, rumor has it that they have called it quits and this photo of theirs in the City of Pines keeps cropping up on Social Media!

Coincidence or just another notch in the legend’s belt?

KathNiel  Baguio City Breakup Curse

Wait Up, Disclaimer Alert!

You Guys!

Before we spill the tea on all the juicy Baguio City “breakup curse”, I need to make sure we’re all on the same page.

So here’s the real deal: this post? It’s like, 110% for giggles, stories, and good ol’ times.  

Let’s just say I heard it from my mom, my friend’s mom, my beshie’s lola, my lola, my great grandmama…

They are stories the older folks loved to share when we were younger! (I guess to keep us from going to those places to date? Hehe)

These Baguio City breakup curses?

They’re legends, myths, and totally the kind of stories you’d share during a sleepover with your besties, snacking on keto macaroons  and raspberry cream smoothie.

We’re here to live, laugh, and maybe get a little spooked, but like, in a fun way.

Baguio City, my favorite city in the whole wide world because it is my hometown is totally gorgeous, full of Cordilleran culture, and basically a must-see, no matter your relationship status is.

And hey,  you HAVE to see this!

Our Baguio City Mayor Benjie Magalong and his lovely wife Arlene, plus Baguio City Representative Mark Go with his wife Sol, totally slayed the rumor mill.

How, you ask? They posted the cutest pics on Facebook, hand in hand, showing the world that this whole breakup curse thing in Baguio?

Yeah, not on their watch!

Baguio Breakup Curse not true Mayor Magalong Congressman Go

So guys, take this post with a grain of salt.

Please don’t cancel your couple’s getaway, and definitely don’t start side-eyeing your boo.

Love is beautiful and something to celebrate—no curse is going to change that.

Alright, fam. Serious Paula moment over.

Let’s dive back into the mystery, romance, and all the memories that Baguio has to offer.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Are These 5 Baguio City Breakup Curses Real?

Baguio City Breakup Curse #1: The Pink Sisters’ Heartbreak

First stop on our Baguio City Breakup Curse adventure is the iconic Convent of the Blessed Sacrament, home to the Pink Sisters, right here in the heart of Baguio City.

Now, before we get into the juicy gossip of the supposed love curse, let’s hit the rewind button and delve into the history of this mesmerizing place.

Pink Sisters Baguio City Breakup Curse

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Baguio City, the Convent of the Blessed Sacrament stands strong and resilient.

Home to the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, this haven of peace and devotion plays a pivotal role in the spiritual journey of many (including me and my family).

The sisters, draped in their pink habits, maintain a perpetual vigil before the Eucharistic Lord, a practice eagerly joined by numerous devotees who write their wishes and intentions using a pencil and a piece of paper provided by the convent and put them in a box.

That is why the locals call the place “Pink Sisters”.  Its real name is actually The Convent of the Blessed Sacrament, because here, the Blessed Sacrament is perpetually exposed, and the nuns in pink take turns kneeling in adoration.

Pink Sisters Baguio City Love Breakup Curse

But how did this beacon of faith and devotion find its roots in Baguio City? Let’s turn back the pages of time and unveil the story.

The Sisters’ Journey to the Philippines

Back in 1921, Bishop Alfredo Verzosa of Lipa, Philippines, reached out to Mother Mary Michael, co-foundress of the International Mission Congregation,  with a heartfelt inquiry: Could she send Sisters to introduce perpetual adoration in his diocese?

This led to the arrival of ten German Sisters in Lipa in 1923, marking the beginning of a journey filled with both grace and challenges. Despite facing natural calamities like earthquakes, typhoons, and the occasional encounter with snakes, the sisters persevered, finding solace and purpose in their mission.

The Haven in the Hills: Establishing a Convent in Baguio

The tropical climate, while vibrant and full of life, began to take a toll on the western sisters. It became clear that a place of refuge was needed—a sanctuary where they could rejuvenate and continue their mission.

Enter Baguio City, a city nestled in the mountains, known for its refreshing air and serene ambiance.

On March 24, 1931, a new chapter began as the chapel and convent in Baguio were blessed, and daily adoration commenced.

World War II: A Time of Trial and Tribulation

The blissful serenity of the sisters’ lives in Baguio was soon disrupted by the horrors of World War II. The sisters were not spared from the agony of the war—they were forced to leave their cloister, seek refuge in the mountains, and I heard young sisters tragically lost their lives to bombs.

Rebirth from the Ashes: The Post-War Resilience

In the aftermath, the situation looked bleak. The sisters were physically and emotionally drained, their home was in ruins, and the city was a shadow of its former self.

But was this the end?

Far from it.

God, in His infinite wisdom and love, brought blessing from the ashes and life from the ruins. A new surge of vocations began, young women ready to dedicate their lives to perpetual adoration.

The Pink Sisters Today: A Legacy of Love and Devotion

In 1950, a new chapter was written as a new chapel and convent rose in another section of Baguio. The sisters continued their unwavering devotion, their prayers a perpetual melody of faith and love.

Today, the Pink Sisters of Baguio remain a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the enduring love of God. They stand as a beacon of hope and devotion, their pink habits a symbol of the love and grace that flows from their chapel, touching the hearts of thousands who visit.

Pink Sisters Baguio

And so, as we unravel the tales of love and breakup curses and mythical stories, let’s not forget the real-life saga of devotion and resilience that the Pink Sisters of Baguio embody—a story that reminds us, in the words of the sisters themselves, “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, for his love endures forever!”

The Pink Sisters & The Baguio City Love Curse: A Twist in the Tale

So, we’ve just dived deep into the rich, resilient history of the Pink Sisters, right? But like, did you know there’s a whole other layer to their story when it comes to love and relationships? Yep, you heard it right!

The Pink Sisters Convent Breakup Curse: A Baguio Myth or Reality?

Urban Legend has it:

Is The Baguio Breakup Curse For Real

Picture this: a stunning nun from the Pink Sisters’ convent, all grace and devotion, and a dashing young priest, equally devoted and, well, dreamy. It’s like something out of a dramatic Filipino teleserye, right? Their eyes meet, sparks fly, and boom – they’re head over heels. But, as fate would have it, this love was not to be.

The church authorities were having none of it.

Heartbroken but obedient, the priest hung up his collar to put oceans between him and his forbidden love.

Now, our nun was said to be devastated. The love of her life just left priesthood for her, but then disappears into thin air.

It’s tragic, it’s dramatic, and it’s totally soul-crushing. Unable to bear the heartache, she’s said to have taken her own life – but not before leaving behind a curse.

The Spooky Curse

Breakup Curse in Baguio

Now, rumor has it, and when I say rumor, I mean it’s like the talk of the town, that if you and your boo visit the Pink Sisters Convent together, you might as well say “adios” to your love life. I know, I know, it sounds like something straight out of a teleserye, but the locals swear by it!

They say that the energy of the place, as divine and peaceful as it is, has a quirky way of testing relationships.

So, the legend goes like this: couples who pray together at the convent will end up going their separate ways. Yikes, right? But hey, who are we to say?

Maybe save the praying when you’re flying solo?

Where is Pink Sisters in Baguio?

Pink Sisters’ address:

Convent of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Brent Road, Baguio City

The convent sells religious items beside the chapel and the yummiest Angel Cookies, by the way.  You just ring the bell, and a sister will assist you.

The cookies are made by “praying hands” from leftover trimmings of the host/communion bread. 

Check out Extremely Expresso, just across the convent. 

Baguio City Breakup Curse #2: The Baguio Cathedral Love Dilemma

The Baguio Cathedral: A Storied Past

The Baguio Cathedral Love Breakup Curse

Nestled atop Mount Mary Hill, the Baguio Cathedral or “Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral” stands as a testament to time, resilience, and sheer architectural genius. (Doesn’t it look gorgeous without the canopies?)

Originally established as a small chapel in the early 1900s, it was the Belgian missionaries from the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae (CICM) who laid the foundation for what would become one of Baguio’s most iconic landmarks. (CICM also owns my alma mater, St. Louis University, one of the top universities in Asia, as revealed in the 2024 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings: Asia released on Wednesday, 08 November 2023.)

Surviving wars, earthquakes, and the passage of time, the Baguio Cathedral has witnessed the city’s transformation from a quaint hill station to a bustling urban haven.

It was an evacuation center during the Second World War and has withstood the carpet-bombing of Baguio by the Allied forces.  The remains of the thousands that had died in the bombardment are interred within the cathedral precinct. 

Below the Cathedral is my mom’s high school, St. Louis Girls’ High School.  Belgian nuns also perished there during World War II and are commemorated in a man-made cave in the school’s gardens (with whispered stories of how the gardens are equally haunted, but that’s for another post).

Memorial for Belgian ICM Sisters Who died WW2 Baguio City Saint Louis School Center

And as the city grew, so did the tales surrounding this grand structure.

The Baguio Cathedral Breakup Curse: A Baguio Folklore

Now, here’s where things get spicy!

According to local whispers and shared secrets, unmarried couples who dare to cross the Baguio Cathedral’s threshold together are said to be tempting fate.

Is the Baguio Cathedral Breakup Curse a Myth?

Legend has it, walking in hand-in-hand might just lead to walking out… separately.

But then, because Baguio is all about love, not heartbreak, there’s a super dramatic, totally film-worthy solution to this supposed curse.

The trick?

One partner should enter the church first, while the other waits a moment before following. My mom swore when she was still dating my dad, they would do this.  And they are still together, after all those years.

It’s like, you’re literally taking a step back to let love lead the way and showing the universe you’re ready to face any challenge, even if it’s a legendary love curse.

Our Lady of Atonement Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral: More Than Just a Love Tale

Despite its romantic mystery, the Baguio Cathedral remains a beacon of faith, hope, and architectural brilliance. Whether you’re here to test the love legend, soak in the panoramic city views, or simply bask in its historical glory, this place is a must-visit.

Baguio City Breakup Curse #3: Wright Park

So, you thought that horseback riding through Wright Park would be the ultimate #couplegoals? Think again!

Wright Park photo by Jonathan Ponce Javier
Wright Park by Jonathan Ponce Javier

Wright Park, named after Governor Luke E. Wright, is a slice of heaven for horse enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its iconic Pool of Pines and leafy pathways, it’s been a go-to for chill vibes and picture-perfect moments in Baguio for like, forever.

But, did you know there’s a mysterious side to this equestrian paradise? Yep, and it’s got more to do with heartache than horseback riding.

The Ghostly Love Tale

Baguio Apache Monument by Art Tibaldo
The Baguio Apache Monument – Photo by Art Tibaldo

Here’s the lowdown: legend whispers that the spirits of past lovers linger in Wright Park, and they’re not exactly the cheerleading type for #couplegoals.

Rumor has it that these spectral exes are still working through their own love drama and aren’t too keen on seeing happy couples riding into their sunset.

So, picture this: you and your significant other are all excited for a romantic ride, but according to the tales, this could actually stir up some spectral jealousy. Eek!

Ride or Maybe Not?

Ride or Maybe Not How to Escape Baguio Breakup Curse

Now, while I’m all for a good ghost story, I’m also a believer in making your own happy memories.

So, should you skip the ride?

Well, if you’re superstitious, maybe swap that horseback adventure for a peaceful walk through the park.

But if you’re like me and love a good thrill, why not test the legend?

Just be sure to throw a friendly hello to any ghostly onlookers!

Wright Park: More Than Just Ghost Stories Regardless of the spooky tales, Wright Park is a gem in Baguio’s crown. Whether you’re there for a leisurely stroll, a bit of horse riding, or even to challenge a ghostly legend, it’s a place that’s sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

The Colors of “Water and the Pine Tree”

Oh, and wouldn’t you love to visit the iconic Pool of Pines!

The City has recently inaugurated the Dancing Fountain – Reflection Pool.

Called Shanum Tan Belbel, it is an Ibaloi term which means, water and pinetree. This is now the newest name of the Pool of Pines, located at Wright Park across The Mansion.

This phrase is about cherishing and preserving the balance between these two essential elements in our ecosystem.

Think about it – where would we be without the calming vibes of water and the majestic presence of pine trees?

Lighting Schedule: 6pm-8pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Baguio City Breakup Curse #4:  Burnham Park Breakup

Can you believe it? Even the lovely Burnham Park isn’t safe from love curses!

Burnham Park Baguio City Breakup Curse

Old folks whisper that couples who ride the swan boats together are doomed to drift apart, just like the boats on the park’s serene lagoon. Sounds like a total mood-killer, right?

Burnham Park: A Stroll Through History

Let’s take a quick look at how Burnham Park became the heart and soul of Baguio City.

Named after the American architect, Daniel Hudson Burnham, who laid out the plans for Baguio, this park is literally the green heart of our city.

From its early days as a public space designed in the early 1900s, Burnham Park has seen Baguio grow, evolve, and flourish into the bustling, charming city it is today.

Over the years, it’s been THE spot for leisurely walks, picnics, fishing, and yes, those dreamy boat rides.

From families having picnics to fitness enthusiasts jogging around the lake, Burnham Park has something for everyone.

The Swan Boat Breakup Curse: Fact or Fiction?

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. So, there’s this legend that’s been floating around (!) that couples who cozy up in the swan boats are setting themselves up for a breakup. Yep, apparently, riding together in those cute boats means you’ll drift apart just like them on the park’s lake.

Navigating the Curse

But wait, before you swear off swan boats for life (because I guess they are the cutest boats in the lake!), let’s chat.

Sure, the idea of a breakup curse is like, super dramatic and all, but let’s remember it’s just part of Baguio’s rich tapestry of myths and urban legends.

Instead of avoiding the boats (because, c’mon, they’re too cute to resist), why not challenge the curse? Hop on with your boo, snap some adorable selfies, and show the world that your love can sail through any legend.

Love in the Time of Legends

And hey, if the swan boats aren’t your thing, no problemo!

Burnham Park is still the perfect place for romance.

You can ride a bike,

Biking at Burnham Park

take a leisurely stroll, hold hands, and bask in the park’s natural beauty.

Sometimes, it’s the simple moments that make the most magical memories.

Baguio City Burnham

And remember, don’t leave plastic cups from the strawberry taho or binatog you just shared anywhere in the park!

Burnham Park Don't Litter

Baguio City’s Anti-Littering Ordinance (Ordinance No. 54-1988 as amended by Ordinance No. 59-2020) declares as  “unlawful for any person to spit, or expectorate discharge mucus from the nose, urinate, defecate, vomit, throw, dump, leave or scatter pieces of paper, peelings, cigarette or tobacco butts, soil or any kind of refuse or garbage in public places.”

PENALTY: PHP 1,000.00 or community service of 12 hours for each violation.

And oh, eat at one of my mostest favorite resto, Solibao!

Baguio City Breakup Curse No. 5: Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

Lourdes Grotto Stairs by Ric Manalo

This time, we’re climbing the steps of Lourdes Grotto – but it’s not just about getting those Insta-worthy shots. There’s a love story, with a bit of a curse twist, waiting for us at the top.

 But first, let’s take a little history hike.

 Lourdes Grotto: A Historical Gem

Perched high on a hill in our misty city, the Lourdes Grotto stands as a testament to faith and resilience. This sacred spot, dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes, has been drawing pilgrims and visitors alike for decades. With its 252 steps leading up to the shrine, it’s not just a spiritual journey but a physical one too. The Grotto has been a witness to countless prayers, hopes, and, you guessed it, romantic wishes!

Lourdes Grotto 1930s

The Love Curse: A Rocky Ascent

Legend whispers that couples who climb those daunting 252 steps together might find their relationship taking a hit. It’s like the very steps you climb might mirror an uphill battle in your love life. Talk about taking your relationship to new heights, right?

Outsmarting the Curse

But don’t let this legend keep you from experiencing the magic of the Lourdes Grotto!

Here’s a lola-approved love hack: take turns making the ascent.

One climbs while the other waits below, then switch! When both of you reach the top, separately but together in heart, it’s like a little victory celebration over the curse.

Plus, the view up there? Totally worth it!

Top of Lourdes Grotto looking at Baguio City view by Ric Maniquis

Whether you’re testing the waters of the love curse or simply soaking in the spiritual vibes, Lourdes Grotto is a must-visit.

And remember, it’s not about the climb, but the journey you share.

Wrapping It Up: My Take on Baguio City’s Breakup Curses 🌹💖

From the misty steps of Lourdes Grotto to the serene waters of Burnham Park, we’ve uncovered tales that are as intriguing as they are enchanting.

But here’s the thing, as your go-to Baguio girl, I’ve got to keep it real with you.

These stories?

They’re part of the city’s rich tapestry, a blend of folklore, mystery, and a little bit of that Baguio magic.

As we journeyed through each tale, from sacred grounds of the Baguio Cathedral to the whispering pines of Wright Park, I hope you felt the same sense of wonder and fun that makes Baguio the unique and charming place it is. It’s not just about the supposed curses; it’s about the adventure, the history, and the sheer romance of exploring this beautiful city.

Now, whether you’re superstitious or a total skeptic, remember this – Baguio City is a place where love flourishes, adventures await, and memories are made.

It’s a city where every corner has a story, every sunset brings a promise, and every experience is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

So, pack your bags, bring your heart, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of that daring spirit.

Test the legends, create your own love stories, and find your own magic in the City of Pines.

And who knows? You might just leave with more love and laughter than you ever thought possible.

In the end, love is what you make of it – curse or no curse. And in Baguio City, there’s always enough love to go around.

So, go on, explore, fall in love, and let Baguio work its timeless charm on you.

Until next time, keep your hearts open and your spirits high!

P.S. Some photos are from Baguio City Public Information Office and Baguio Forever In My Heart

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