Jungkook was reading “I Decided to Live as Me” and why you should, too

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Without imitating or envying someone else’s life, “I Decided to Live as Me” talks about how we can recognize and love who we are.”


BTS’ Jeon Jungkook and “I Decided to Live as Me”

 During BTS’ trip to Malta for Bon Voyage Season 3 in July 2018, Jeon Jungkook was seen with the “I Decided to Live as Me” book. My first thought was, if it was being read by Jungkook, I should be reading it as well!

BTS' Jeon Jungkook reading I Decided To Live As Me

What “I Decided to Live as Me” meant to me

I started “adulting” almost three years ago.

A few months after I passed the Radiologic Technology Board Examinations and barely out of my teens, I left my peaceful and quiet hometown and went to work at that world class premier hospital at BGC. 

My original plan (which my parents pushed for, too) was to go to Med School right after passing the Board Exam, but like other millennials, I wanted to feel how to live my life on my own.

Living on my own was not an easy prospect.

Living on my own, in a place I barely know with a weather I can hardly bear (warm all the time!) was a struggle!

I miss my hometown big time…


Also, if you take into account the monthly bills and the small salary I have to budget to get through my month, plus swallowing my pride by asking my mom to please send me money because I went overboard with my shopping (I mean, all the fancy malls in that small place!), life was honestly hard.

Adulting sucks…

Sometimes, I feel bad about myself and feel I should be working elsewhere.  Heck, I should be in med school!

Other times, I feel envious of my batchmates who are working in Canada and London and would like to go somewhere, too.

Most times, I just want to go home. And be a bum.

The truth is, anxiety and worries will always be a part of your life.

No one gets to stop it or something.

One thing you can do is to ride with the tide and dance in the rain.

Fortunately, I got my hands on this book with the absolutely cutest illustration that shows you the most essential thing to do: TO LIVE AS YOU.

“I Decided to Live as Me”

Photo courtesy of apop books

“I Decided to Live as Me” is the very first English version of the 2016 Korean bestselling title “나는 나로 살기로 했다” written and illustrated by Kim Soo-hyun.

It has 292 pages (which you can read in about a day or two if you are like my sister, a week to a month if you are like me lol) and has a six-part to-do list. 

“I Decided To Live As Me” is my life compass.

This special self-help book is like a compass, a book that gives you direction on how to go through your adult life, while constantly reminding you that before you pour your heart and soul into other people, you should love yourself and always be yourself.

Why I loved this book:

It has my late Grandpa’s ageless wisdom vibe.

One thing I loved about reading this book was that it was like having my late grandpa around.  My late grandpa (whom I miss so much and was well known for his no nonsense advice) has always the best and sensible answers to my crazy questions.  He always gave the best advice that was best for me.  He was always spot on it actually feels creepy lol. I guess wisdom really comes with age. I was reading the book in my grandpa’s voice…(Gosh, I miss him so much…)

It is a self-help book with comforting words that will help you realize your worth and love yourself as a person.

(Definitely no “I hate myself!” self-deprecating remarks anymore!) There was a time I hated myself so much I actually harmed myself…I wish I had this book back then. It would have made me bounce out of my dark thoughts and self-hate.

It also helped me to finally stop myself from struggling to become perfect.

No one lives a perfect life. Certainly not Princess Kate, certainly not Jungkook. Certainly not me.

And that’s OK 🙂

This book helped me how to face my true me, no matter how ugly that other side of me may seem…

…and taught me not to be swayed with what others say.

One of the gravest things that affect me is that I always vacillate over my decisions and get swayed with what others say.  This book tells me that people may have opinions about me but I also have opinions about myself.  And that’s what matters.

“Listen to me: no one finds happiness in a world where people attack each other.”

– I Decided To Live As Me, written and illustrated by Kim Soo Hyun

This book which sold over a million copies worldwide is available at Apop Books with an exclusive 20% discount, which is REALLY QUITE A STEAL, I swear! Originally priced at P600, you can enjoy this book at P480. And for additional discount, use my code PROJECTME.

I Decided To Live as Me is also available at:




Adulting does not need to be hard. Devour this book!

 I Decided To Live As Me BookCheck It Out!


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