What Your Guy Thinks When You Shop

Last Updated on August 28, 2020 by Paula

Who among you ever brought a guy along to one of your shopping sprees? Keep this in mind.  What he says and what he thinks are usually two different things!

what your guy thinks when you shop


YOU:  I think I’d like to shop today. You in?
HIM:  *pause* *looks away* mutters “Sure thing.”
HE THINKS:  No, I did not just hear that. NOOO!  I need to think of an excuse! FAST! (Is that my stomach grumbling?)
TIP: Believe me.  Guys detest shopping.  Warm him up to the idea by asking him what he wants to do afterwards: watch a movie, play some ball, eat, watch TV or play a video game.  Anything that interests him.


YOU:  Hmm, what store do you think we should hit first?
HE SAYS: *looks around* There are err, lots of stores…We have a lot of choices, that’s for sure.
HE THINKS: Please pick one with a couch, please pick one with a couch, please pick one with-YES, this store!


YOU: Do you think I really need a new dress?
HE SAYS:  I think you look great in what you usually wear, but it’s up to you.
HE THINKS: I mean it!  Yo look great already.  Now let’s do something else.  Please?  I am starving!  Oh, who am I kidding? *sighs*


YOU: Which one looks better: this one or this one?
HE SAYS: The peach one looks good on you.  It makes your face glow!
HE THINKS:  I have no idea what I just said, but I think it was something very nice because she is smiling right now.  *virtual pat on the back*

TIP: Asking more specific questions will make things a lot easier for him.  Just don’t be too specific-something like “Isn’t this dress so last season?” is plain gibberish to most guys.


YOU: I think I’m buying something I don’t need again.
HE SAYS: *looks away*
HE THINKS:  *plays an epic video game in his head*
TIP: Skip this stage as much as possible.  He doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to start an argument.  He knows there’s no safe response to this.


YOU: Do you think we forgot anything? Anything at all?
HE SAYS:  I think you mentioned something about shoes earlier.
HE THINKS: Sometimes, I hate myself for being too nice.  Here we go again.
TIP: If he looks away, pauses before responding, or gives you an unsure smile, then he’s probably just being nice.  But the truth is, he is already tired and wants to call it a day.


YOU:  I’m so happy I got to score so much cute stuff today! I feel so accomplished.
HE SAYS: Yeah, you really got a lot of new things.
HE THINKS: No kidding.  I think we can fill up an entire store with all the stuff you bought.  Oh well, I still think you’re adorable.But how did I get this blister on my feet? Is it time for dinner?  I want a burger.
TIP: Don’t forget to say thank you!

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  1. My husband doesn't like to go shopping primarily because of the expense. But what he complains about is that I shop too long because I tend to look at minute details like the labels, different brands, etc.

  2. Haha. Nice post. Hmm, my husband always tells me that I shop too long, mainly because I get to spend a lot of my time on one item then hop to another afterwards. Haha. But I notice, whenever I ask him if an item looks good on me, he would always say "okay lang". Haha. Guys… 🙂

  3. Love the photo! I'm a GG fan. Hubby and I are opposites. He takes way too long to buy something. I'm the more decisive one and fast to shop. He's slow and bores me to tears.

  4. Hahaha..I can relate to this one. I can easily get bored when shopping but there is an exception, I love looking at shoes and other kitchen stuffs. hehehe

  5. hahaha! Very nice! I love going to the malls with hubby. When shopping time comes, I always look for a couch where could sit and play his mobile games while waiting for me. 🙂

  6. I don't want to take my guy shopping anymore, haha! I would only feel guilty and mawawalan na ako ng gana, mas maganda to do it alone.

  7. My hubby is the worst! Whenever I ask hime which is better (with a dress or shoes) his reply will simply be, "wla ako alam jan". Haayyyy so frustrating!

  8. Hahaha! Natawa ako sa Scene 6! Guys would never understand girls' need to shop. That's why I only shop with my friends; my boyfriend would only shop with me on special occasions. 😀

  9. I went to go shopping with a colleague of mine. But he loves shopping and he's straight – I think. And we had lots of fun. Hehehe! He even bought a lot of things than me.

  10. for a guy to stand with their wife or gf while shopping takes a lot of patience.. I am not sure how my bf will react the first time we go on shopping.. Singlemom Reviews

  11. Natawa ako dito sis. Pero the boyfriend is my ever reliable shopping buddy. There are times when he doesn't agree with my choices pero pinagpipilitan ko na lang yung gusto ko. hehe 🙂 Enabler ko yun sa shopping eh. di nya ako pipigilan. haha

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