7 things you can do alone on valentine’s day

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Marie Bulatao

Because bitter won’t look good on you…

Broken heart    Write a love letter to the person you are crushing on listing all the terribly mushy stuff you would tell him if you were a total psychopath. (Yes!  Include those days you stalked him –at school, at the café, online!) Then burn that letter with a rose scented candle, because after all, it is Valentine’s Day.

Broken heart Go out on a date minus your dream boy.  Come on, that serious, brooding, musical guy you’ve been drooling over isn’t really going to want to go on a popcorn sharing, Nicholas Sparks movie.  He is too cool for that.  But your single BFF will, so yeah.
Broken heart Light some candles, turn on some Taylor Swift girlfriend-from-hell music and schedule some quality time with the two most important men in your life – Ben & Jerry.
Broken heart Feel your heart race in a totally good and good-for-you way.  Turn up the music and dance until you drop – in your bedroom, in the streets.  Go craaay-craaay!
Broken heart Hug your pet.  It does not mean you’re going to turn into a scary old single lady whose apartment will be run over by her 50 cats.  Get over yourself and those totally unnecessary spinster nightmares.  Or you can get one of these and never be lonely again…get this

Funny Boyfriend Arm Soft Throw Pillow Body Hug Washable Girlfriend Cushion Bed Gift

Broken heart Go to the mall for a dressing room rampage.  Go to makeup counters and have a makeover.  Try every piece of clothing or pair of shoes you like.  Why?  Because it is free and you can!
Broken heart Turn off Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.  You don’t need #singleandalone people raining on your #singleandlovingit  feeling! cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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