Ten Reasons Why Your Dad Will Always Be Your First Love!

Last Updated on August 28, 2020 by Paula

There is that one constant guy in your life!

Boys, they come and go.

But your dad, he is always there!

Ten Reasons Why Your Dad Will Always Be Your First Love!

  • He loves to show the world he’s super proud of how much you’ve grown.  But when it is just the two of you, you are still his little girl and he wants you to have only the best the world can offer.
  • He does give you a hard time for liking the guys you like.  But he’s cool.  He always gives you a heads up when his “potential jerk” alert is activated.
  • He’s cool about picking you up past midnight from a party you just had attended, although he does complain a lot if you are taking a long time.
  • He’ll stay up with you when you’re slaving over that unbreakable bridge made of barbecue sticks project that was  taking too long for you to finish.
  • He has excellent taste in music.  You keep wondering why you are suddenly strumming a ’70’s folk song classic (it is the first piece you played in the guitar.  He is your guitar instructor, remember?). You practically know the greats he grew up with, knew Vincent Van Gogh “suffered for his insanity” and The Eagles are not the creatures that fly (but sang a very popular song which detractors claim was about the founder of Satanism or something).  And oh, the cool bit?  He know Pitbull is not just a breed of dog.
  • He can fix any techie stitch you find yourself in-broken printer, unresponsive Net connection, stuck SIM card…The list goes on. He would even check out the flat panel tv stands for sale for your TV when you made the Honoris Damus list.
  • When you do something that gets him angry, he doesn’t make a big deal out of it (like mom).  He just gives you the requisite lecture and moves on without any anger festering.
  • He leaves you alone when you lock yourself up in your room to get some quiet time from your annoying siblings.
  • He comes to your defense when your mother’s being extra strict and clingy or when bullies are ganging up on you (You can’t forget the sight of your dad collaring a boy of eight because he was bothering you!)
  • He doesn’t try hard to be cool and young-he just is.  And that’s why all your friends love him too!

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  1. cool dad in deed, my tatay left us when i was 7-8 years old then showed up after 10-11 years.. so i honestly don't have memorable moment with my dad..:-( Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  2. Marie, is this your hubby and your eldest? She's big na! Very soon she'll walk down the aisle 🙂

    Ah yes, thanks to good dads! They make our lives better in many ways!

  3. lucky! 🙂 my dad is like the boys he come and go… hahaha anyways, even though i dont grew up with a dad, i have my wonderful grandparents and uncles. love them much much! XD

  4. Cool post! I was not close with my dad, but he was the one who urged my mom to permit me to go steady with my ex bf now hubby. For that, I am so thankful!

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