Types of Cosmetic Surgery and How it can Improve your Health Before the Holidays

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Before the holidays, any woman wants a rejuvenation or a quick remodeling. Thus, given the rapid recovery, most patients opt during this period for aesthetic liposuction, blepharoplasty, wiping with Botox, hyaluronic acid or lip augmentation. Because there is little time left to celebrate, plastic surgeons will tell us some important aspects of the aesthetic surgery that we can do to show and feel better at parties during this period. What cosmetic work you can do before the holidays:


Some people are prone to fat predominantly in specific areas, such as abdomen or buttocks, deposits that are very difficult to reduce. In these situations, liposuction may be the most appropriate way to reach the ideal size. For this aesthetic procedure, we must keep in mind that if the patient does not follow a healthy lifestyle after surgery, there is still the risk of continuing weight loss.

Buttocks implant

Many ladies and girls are more and more interested in buttocks implant surgery. Beyond the strictly technical aspects you can find here, here are some essential things about handheld implants, some of them less well known.

Feser implant surgery is similar to silicone breast augmentation surgery: it is under general anesthesia, takes about 2 hours and involves the insertion of specially made silicone implants for the buttock region between the gluteus maximus muscle fibers, which will lead to a bulging appearance of the posterior. Click here.

After surgery, for a period of approximately two weeks, the patient should rest and avoid sitting in the sitting position, adopting the stomach or side. Recovery and convalescence may sometimes be longer than other aesthetic interventions since the butt the area is actively involved both in walking and in any activities involving the sitting state or other movements in everyday activities (bending, sleep, car-driving, etc.).

The operation can be associated with other remodeling and body contouring procedures (liposuction, lipofilling) for a more harmonious outcome. After the procedure, the patient will wear a special, elastic compression pant, which helps to recover and shape buttocks.



A faint, sad or aging face may be the result of fallen eyelids, and in this case, the only way to change the look of the eyes is blepharoplasty. This operation lasts from 1 to 3 hours and improves physical appearance, vision in some cases and helps to strengthen self-confidence.

Wiping wrinkles with Botox

Wrinkles treated with excellent botox results are wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows and eye corner. Wrinkle treatment with botox results in rapid results, approximately five days after surgery, with great patient satisfaction

Lip augmentation

Hyaluronic acid is indicated for wrinkle correction and lip augmentation. The benefits of injection of hyaluronic acid generally last for several months, so they are not permanent. As such, treatment is repeated 6-12 months depending on the wishes of the patients and the injected substance.

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All you need to know about rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic procedures today. Rhinoplasty has the role of remodeling the nose for aesthetic purpose and correcting anatomical defects that can cause respiratory problems. In this regard, the most common problem is the septum deviation which, especially in the cold season, becomes felt and combined operation of rhinoseptoplasty can solve this problem.


What are the advantages of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty has both aesthetic and functional advantages:

  • it can improve the appearance of the nose, helping to balance the patient’s facial features;
  • may alleviate respiratory problems or problems caused by narrowing of the airway;
  • it is the ideal solution for those people born with the asymmetrical nose, deviations of nasal cartilage or other defects affecting the respiratory system.

How do you need to prepare yourself before rhinoplasty?

Before rhinoplasty, any patient should take into account the following steps:

  • a specialist consultation, in which the patient expresses his wish as to the outcome of the operation, and the physician presents the situation and what can be achieved through this intervention;
  • Also during the first patient consultation, specific medical analyzes and investigations are recommended;
  • two weeks before surgery, the patient should avoid or minimize smoking;
  • two weeks before surgery, the patient should avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory products, as they may cause intra-and postoperative bleeding;
  • On the day of the intervention, the patient is forbidden to drink water or eat 6 hours before the scheduled time.

What happens after the rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty involves a gradual recovery and rests in bed. Swellings and bruises on the face improve after a few days, during which the patient has to apply cold compresses in the face area. Also, the patient should avoid breathing at least a week, practicing sports, lifting weights and traveling by plane about three weeks after rhinoplasty.

What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

The risks of rhinoplasty surgery are similar to those of any surgical procedure (bleeding, edema, general malaise) unless the plastic surgeon’s instructions are observed.

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