Cheat Sheet to Being Fit and Healthy

Last Updated on September 1, 2020 by Paula

In between keeping a job, being a mom and the chaos that is “life”, it is indeed difficult to devote your time to being fit and healthy.

There are days when everything just takes your energy that sticking to your “health plan”is such a chore, until your best plans will turn out to be, well, just plans.

Keep off the … oh


Don’t be too hard on yourself, though.

Consider having these little alternatives, little tweaks which can be considered the next best thing!

Toddling in the Fatherland


In an ideal world: Run or hit the treadmill daily.

I have sort of made this one of my resolutions before the year ended.  I promised myself that I would do a 4K run on the treadmill everyday. I  even wrote about it here.

The exhilaration that exercise brings kind of wanes on you the next day, though, when you feel various aches on muscles you didn’t even know existed.  And you stop. And feel that you have failed.

In the real world:  You can sneak in some cardio anytime and anywhere.  Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator and do some leg lifts while doing your report.  Or you can do some quick, but killer, work-outs like Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (would rather run the 4K haha.  Her workouts kill me!).

Sleepy Kate


In an ideal world:  Sleep eight hours a day.

For working moms like me, sleep is a luxury. Although I wish for an eight-hour sleep (especially since it slows down the anti-aging process), it won’t be happening soon, but In the real world: I can always take a nap.  Napping never fails to energize me. It is such a great pick-me-up that I turn into an energizer bunny after my naps.  Don’t nap too long, though.  A 20 to 30 minute nap before 4PM is enough to boost your energy for the rest of the day.

In an ideal world: Eat healthy.

In the real world:  Make the healthier choice. You can’t always avoid office cafeteria food. Try to make wise choices by choosing grilled instead of fried, steamed fish instead of meat, and yogurt instead of ice cream.

Our rigid health resolutions is not the be-all and end-all in achieving our health goals.  Tweaking them a little makes them more doable.  Do you have tips to simplify a difficult health plan? Please feel free to add more doable plans in this cheat sheet.

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  1. My additions to your list are more vegetables (throw them in dishes when I can) , choose whole grain bread over white and brown rice over white rice more often. Not going to say whole grain pasta, because I find that stuff indigestible.

  2. We only have one life and it is very expensive to be sickly, more so to be confined in the hospital. My parents always reminds me to do every thing in moderation.

    I'm sure you'll soon lose the unwanted pounds you gained during the holidays. Take care 😀

  3. I would say that making my take-to-work meals the night before is a life saver. I'm more likely to pay attention to what I'm making and boxing up in the evenings when I'm not too rushed. If I make my lunch in the morning, I'm throwing in a gummy fruit snack as I pack Little K's lunch. At night, I remember that I have apples and carrots in the fridge. 🙂

  4. Things in an ideal world are easy to say but in reality there are some constraints to achieve your goals ideally. Just pick the best option for you.

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