General Tips to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

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A UTI may make you feel pathetic and pose serious threat to your health, if left untreated. Around 60% of women and 15% of men may sometimes discover severe complications of this disease. Though safer sex and right genital cleanliness are major steps to prevent chronic utis, you have other practices to avoid its recurrent occurrence. Usually similar principles apply on male and female with regard to the cleanliness and prevention of UTI. The major goal is to prevent the introduction of harmful virus via sexual activity or washroom usage. The secondary goal is to keep urinary tract healthy and make it less vulnerable to any kind of contamination.

General Tips to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Whether you are a man or woman, these general hygiene tips will help you prevent chronic utis:

  1. Clean your genitals before and after intercourse: use warm water and a mild soap to clean genitals. Avoid scented soaps or chemical cleansers as they may inflammation in urethra.
  2. Urinate instantly after intercourse: when you do so, it flushes out the bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms out of your urinary tract immediately.
  3. Keep your rectum clean: periodic washing of rectum helps you avoid bacteria contamination occurring from residual fecal matter often left in skin folds.
  4. Consume lots and lots of water: When you drink good quantity of water, it flushes out all the bacteria from the urinary tract making it difficult to thrive and cause an infection.
  5. Do not hold your urine: It allows bacteria to circulate in the bladder and create an infection. Use bathroom as and when you get the urge to urinate.
  6. Use uti prevention drink: The UTI prevention drink mix helps to flush out the UTI causing bacteria from your urinary tract, especially when the risk is high. It creates bacterial defense, increases your urinary production and boosts your immunity system to fight such infection. The best thing is that it safe to consume as it is made of natural ingredients.
  7. Use condoms: These precautions help to prevent transmission of bacterial infection during intercourse.
  8. Wear cotton undergarments: synthetic fibre traps the moisture and provides the perfect environment for the bacteria to breed. If you have been suffering from chronic utis, then wear loose fitting garments to allow air to circulate.
  9. Try to keep your genitals dry: Wearing cotton underwear and changing them daily or frequently depending on your sweating capacity is very important.
  10. Use medication: if you are suffering from chronic UTI problem, then use prostrate medication or UTI antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

These are the best uti prevention tips. They apply on men, women as well as kids. After practicing these tips, if you still experience uti trouble, then it is very important to consult an urologist. The physician will guide you all through the procedure. Consuming uti prevention drink along with it is always helpful as it doesn’t have side effect on human body. You can also discuss with your doctor regarding the consumption and then proceed with it for better results.

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