Ways to Pass a Drug Test

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The process of legalizing certain opiates which are proven to have medical benefits is still in progress, and it will take some time. While in some parts of the world this fact is eagerly accepted, there are countries where the marijuana use still falls into the gray zone. Laws often disagree on multiple levels, and the only ones to “suffer” are ordinary people, cannabis users.

There are many reasons why people use opiates, from medical to personal ones. No matter who does the test, it will show the same results. The one who requested these analyses will not be overly sensitive to your personal reasons. That’s why we are offering you a little help, how to “trick” every drug test and clean your body from suspicious substances.

Trick the System

Let’s consider that your employer has announced testing. You’ve relaxed a bit more over the weekend and now worry about the test results. It’s not the end of the world, although the best way to be sure about passing is non-taking of any drug. But people are way too creative, and they discover some specific methods can help you to trick every drug test.

Pee Test

Although giving of urine sample requires some privacy, it’s not easy to fool the system. Substances like synthetic urine and various dissolvent won’t work. Also, it won’t help even if you try to dilute the urine with water or soap. All this can be easily detected since the experts first measure the temperature of the sample.

You can buy bags for urine storage that you can easily “sneak out.” If you know your employer will be asking for drug tests sometimes, provide a clean urine sample on time and keep it for a while. When the time for use comes, just heat it with your body and transfer it to the sterile container for the sample.

Assuming you have not used cannabis for several days, it will be easier to detoxify your body. Drink large quantities of fresh juices, smoothies, green tea, and coffee. Water can help too, but there is a risk for a sample to be too diluted. Therefore, take creatinine and Vitamin B complex supplements to “fix” the urine to its natural appearance.

A “scientific” explanation about the benefits of vitamin B check on this page: https://www.livestrong.com/article/471584-why-do-vitamin-b-supplements-turn-urine-yellow/.

Sampling from Hair Follicle

The regular haircut has many positive sides, especially if you enjoy marijuana. In the hair, cannabidiols can stay up to 12 months, so cut it every month. Men can do this even twice a month. It also includes regular shave as every hair can serve as a sample. The more you shave, the hair will grow and renew quickly, reducing the amount of substances in the follicle. However, if you are hairless from head to toe, it can be suspicious.

There are special shampoos and hair colors that you can safely use to nourish and dye your hair. Before the test, you have to wash it several times a day, which can be tiring, but it’ll worth it. Of course, you can always decide on some of the natural remedies, such as vinegar or baking soda.

Saliva Drug Test


There are special detox mouthwashes, which are pretty handy, and you can camouflage them into a regular mouthwash bottle and keep these by your side always. You can also use some home remedies, such as lemon, green tea, mentos, and all possible bubble gums. In this way, you will reduce the concentration of the active substance in your mouth and improve the saliva production. As in the previous paragraph, use various fluids to cleanse your body, and spit as much as possible. It’s not quite decent, but it helps.

Don’t Be Afraid of Blood Test

A blood test can scare you because it’s supervised, but it’s not impossible to pass it. This test only works for the previous week; cannabis use of ten days ago can’t be detected. Just in case, you should detoxify your body. Consume diuretics, which will help in removing the harmful substances from the body.

Also, sweat as much as possible. The combination of exercise, saunas, and cold baths happen to be efficient. Tips from Clear Drug Tests online indicate that you have to speed up the metabolism to accelerate the process of eliminating toxins. Besides, on the Internet, you can find many detoxifying agents that are cheap, available and give good results.

Since people can’t go against the law, at least until all of them agree about the issue of drug use, they come up with various ways to drug analyses show a positive result. Each company has the right to test its employees, so does every parent who’s concern about their kid. You can avoid it for a while, but in the end, you have to face it. With the previously explained methods, it will be much easier to handle.

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