How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

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Now, my post title is misleading, because making eyebrows look perfect just don’t cut it.
Looking through photos of Hollywood stars in the ’20s to the present, you will notice that eyebrows go through thick or thin phases.  While it is perfectly okay to follow the trend, your eyebrows shouldn’t be subjected to beauty trends of the season.  
A great set of brows should be timeless and classic.
The new eyebrow look that I am totally loving is the perfectly imperfect look – yep, that Korean trend where eyebrows are drawn kind of straight (without the really defined arch which is the epitome of western – and my mom’s – brow style), which makes one look younger.  
Korean Eyebrow Look
Plus, if the eyebrows are drawn kind of straight, it makes you facial features softer.
So why don’t you grab your brow tool kit as we embark on a journey to have those perfectly imperfect eyebrows!


The perfect brow shape is neat, with a nice arch that isn’t too high (You don’t want to LOOK SURPRISED all the time!).  Your brow should begin at the bridge or corner of your nose. However, if your nose is a bit wide, don’t start at the corner as this will only emphasize width.  The same goes for girls with narrow noses.  Your brows will look too close together.
Use a pencil to help you get the ideal shape.  Start at the nose corner (use an eyeliner to mark these points), then move the pencil at an angle from the nose corner to the outer rim of your eye’s iris – this is where your arch, or your eyebrow’s highest point, should be.  Finally, move out the pencil to the corner of your eye, where your brow should taper off and end.  The normal shape of your eyebrow should be the thickest at the inner corner, tapering off from the arch to the end.


Once you’ve determined the best shape for your brows, start working on it by tweezing stray hairs.  It helps if you mark the strands you need to remove with white or colored eyeliner.  Make sure to stop occasionally to check the shape in the mirror – you don’t want to over-pluck accidentally.


There are different kinds of eyebrow product – pencil, cream, gel, wax, and powder.  Choose a shade that’s slightly lighter than your hair color (go for taupe gray if your hair is jet black, or blonde brown if your hair is dark brown).  This will help brighten your face and give you natural looking brows instead of a thick, penciled-in appearance.  Use a brush or sharpen the point of your pencil to achieve hair-thin strokes, and fill in only the bald spots.

4.  BLEND.

Use an old toothbrush or reuse the brush from your empty mascara tube (wash it first) to blend the filled-in color you just applied.
Perfectly Imperfec Eyebrows

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