Top 3 Reasons: Why You Should Try The 21-Day Fix

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These TOP 3 REASONS I am going to point out here are the reasons why I am embarking on a 21-Day Journey to Fix My Bod.


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A year ago, after a grueling 18-hour per day internship, graduation, reviewing for the board exam, love and life problems in between, I was a happy-with-my-bod kind of gal.

Then passing the board exam and getting a job made the additional fifteen pounds happen!

It was inevitable.
When you are happy, everything is happier.
Like eating!
Happy eating!


Why I need the 21-Day Fix!

After all the medical jargon that I have to know and still have to know, reading up and studying how a new diet works is the last thing I want to do.
There is a massive, and I do mean MASSIVE, amount of books, diets, and exercise plans to be found in the diet market.
I am so done with them.
Because, hello, I want quick?
21-DAY FIX saves the day with quick.

It is a program that combines nutrition and exercise in a way that boosts the effectiveness of your efforts to improve health and weight loss.

And the TOP 3 Reasons why I am going for the 21-Day Fix as my chosen Plan?

Here they are:

21-Day Fix Offers Easy Exercise Plans

21-Day Fix exercise plans are on a weekly schedule with short workouts.
Like 30 minutes tops.
That means it is fast and simple.
Perfect for
  • busy people (like me)
  • working professionals (like me) and
  • stay at home moms (like future me)
Each daily workout is different.
Meaning no more repetitive workouts which do not challenge your body.
Targeting different areas maximizes your potential, and keeps the body from hitting that dreaded weight loss plateau while you’re having a fun workout.
Workouts include:
  • Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Upper Fix
  • Lower Fix
  • Pilates Fix
  • Cardio Fix
  • Dirty 30
  • Yoga Fix
  • 10-Minute Fix for Abs
My old workout routine is take a quick run (around 30 minutes tops) at the city park’s oval track.
Thirty minutes seem like eternity, I tell you!
The different workouts in the 21-Day Fix plan keeps you from getting bored.
Moreover, each workout targets specific parts of your body!
By the way, dumbbells or a resistance band (which are not included in the 21-Day Fix essential package) are needed in most of these workouts)

Note:  If you have never used weights before, be prepared with millions of benefits (okay, I am exaggerating) you will get with weights.
Aside from fulfilling your lifetime dream of having visible muscles, you become STRONG.
Plus more muscles mean more calories.
So, if I were you, don’t be a girly-girl (like me.  Don’t look at my flabby upper arms…).
Embrace them weights!

21-Day Fix Offers Easy Meal Plans

One of the most complex and challenging portions of any weight loss program is nutrition.
The 21-Day Fix takes all of the guess work and stress out of the meal making process.
The primary aim is portion control.
And how is this done?

Red Container – Lean Protein

Green Container
– Vegetables

Purple Container
– Fruits

Orange Containers
– Dressing, Sauce, and Seeds

Yellow Container
– Carbs

Blue Container
– Healthy Fats
The simplicity of the 21-Day Fix will definitely turn you into a  successful meal planner.
No counting calories and points.  Just pounds lost.

21-Day Fix Gives Fast Results


Who does not want fast results?
No one, right?
And here is a perfect explanation for it.
Psychologists have noted that it’s difficult for almost anyone to continue a program when they see very little change after months of hard work.
But the 21-Day Fix answers this by giving you the results you crave.
After less than a month and working with the 21-Day Fix, you could lose up to 15 lbs.
Isn’t the system amazing?

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