Toothpaste That Cures Your Zits and Other Home Remedies!

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I will let you in on a secret.

I am scared of doctors.

As in really, really scared.

Which makes me sort of an expert on DIY home remedies.  But hey, for most illnesses (especially if you don’t see any improvement in one to two days!), there is no substitute for professional medical attention.

But for some minor aches and annoyances, I have an arsenal of home remedies – and they do help, believe me.

Home Remedy 1: Got an angry zit?

There is nothing worse than discovering you have an angry zit on your face the night before that major date or a job interview.

What to do?

My friend swore on this (while my cousin swore on dabbing lipstick!).  Dab some toothpaste on the blemish before going to bed.

It has a drying effect, making the pimples less noticeable the next day.  Just do this once, though, on a single, enormous zit, and only if it is an emergency. (Don’t attempt to put the entire toothpaste on your face!  You may have an allergic reaction and end up with a really red face.)

Home Remedy 2: STUFFY NOSE

Sip a cup of hot water with a dash of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.  The steam and the spicy cayenne pepper triggers a response that makes your nose run.

One of my favorites is Hot and Sour Soup, too.

Home Remedy 3: BEE STING

Swipe the edge of a credit card over the area stung by a bee to scrape the stinger out of the skin. Then make a paste of water and McCormick meat tenderizer and apply it to the sting.

My grandma said an enzyme in the meat tenderizer breaks down the venom released by the bee.  Now I am no science expert but when my
sister had a bee sting, the pain and the swelling disappeared once I applied the paste.

Home Remedy 4: LEG CRAMPS

Leg cramps are like nightmares!  They last less than four to five minutes, but when they do happen, the pain is so immense you almost pass out!  Then you wake up the next day and only have a vague memory of the torture you went through.

What should you do when leg cramps happen?

Stretch your leg immediately.  It will hurt like heck, but stretching forces the balled-up muscle to relax.

Make sure you drink your required eight glasses of water a day and get enough salt on your diet. Cramps are often caused by dehydration and sodium loss.


If you are having a terrible time getting your bowels to move, drink at least eight full glasses of water the entire day.

You can also drink prune juice.  Take a 20-minute walk per day.  Exercise stimulates your digestive tract.  You can prevent constipation by sprinkling ground flaxseed or chia seeds on your morning coffee or juice.


The cold months always give me itchy, red and dry eyes  And if I get an allergy attack, I end up with crusty eyes.

Gross, right? This is what I usually do – I gently scrub my crusty lid with a cotton ball soaked in baby shampoo.  This will loosen the
crust.  After that, dip a clean cotton ball in warm water and wash away the shampoo and discharge.  Do this twice a day until your eyes get

But if your eye problem turns out  to be conjuncitivitis, you need to see your eye doctor fast!

Home Remedy 7: HEADACHE

Coffee drinkers, you will love this!  If your headache is killing you, have a cup of coffee with your acetaminophen (I always drink Biogesic for this).

Apparently, caffeine sort of constricts your dilated blood vessels, which can help stop your headache until your meds kick in.  However, don’t overdo the coffee.

Too much caffeine can cause a rebound effect – having too much will actually cause a headache.  So, just go for two cups a day.

Home Remedy 8: PUFFY EYES

Your eyes are puffy and you ran out of ice  cubes?

Grab that frozen bag of peas in your freezer, wrap a wash towel and put it over your closed eyelids for ten to fifteen minutes.  The cold reduces the swelling by constricting the blood vessels around the eyes.

Try sleeping with your head elevated so that the blood does not pool in the tissues of the face and cause puffiness.


My eyelids always twitch. The twitching is usually caused by stress, fatigue or dry eyes. You can sort of stop these spasms by doing this simple home remedy.

Using your forefinger, gently touch the area of the lid that feels as if it is twitching like crazy.

If this does not work, put a warm compress on your eyelid for three to five minutes.

I hope this home spun remedies will help you!

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  1. You are not alone with the doctors scare. I hate hospitals actually even though I gave birth twice there but it did not ease away my fear of being around doctors. Very interesting to know about the toothpaste.

  2. I like alternative medicine or cure too for minor illnesses or pain. Most of the time it cures the problem and my kids and I does not have to see a doctor.

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