Signs That You Are Meant For Each Other

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Whether you are walking in a dreamy state, basking in the glory of your new-found love, or in the comfortable routine of “in a relationship” status, it is really hard to conclude if your relationship with her will finally lead to her being “The One”.

For one, you may be settling for the first gal who came along.

Or, you may be stuck in an unhappy relationship because you have sort of justified all of your current girlfriend’s shortcomings.

Watch out.  You may be settling yourself for wasted time, energy and lots of unnecessary pain.

Sometimes, it helps to admit that it is time to give up on some things that are not working.  In the same way, it is important to know when you can’t make someone your dream partner in life.

Sometimes, the sign can be as simple as having a need that is important to you – and having a partner who consciously refuses to fill it.

But if you think you are certain that your relationship can stand the test of time and you are ready to commit, go show your love for her by getting the most beautiful ring from an ideal jeweler like Tacori.

The jeweler should make you comfortable, and the sales staff is helpful enough to suggest rings that would match what you like without being too pushy.

Giving her a ring is a sign that you will love her forever.  The circular shape of the ring is a symbol of eternity – no beginning and no end.  The hole in the center of the ring signifies a door – a gateway where you are venturing into the unknown.

That is why you must be sure she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

But how will you know she is The One?

She is The One if…


One of the crucial indicators that she is the one for you is when you truly accept each other.  Her little quirks don’t irritate you a bit and you love her enough not to control her in the same way that she does not control you.


Sure, she never forgets your birthday or even your old folk’s wedding anniversary, and you never fail to show up at her doorstep with cake and roses for every single milestone in your relationship (like your first month together ).

But what about when she is at her insecure worst?

Women tend to be soft and vulnerable and would love a heart to heart, honest to goodness talk about her, you or both you and her as a couple.  Most guys tend to back out, get scared and leave the relationship, but if you care for her enough to protect, cherish and
re-assure her, she must be the one.


Being together is not a bed of roses.  In the beginning, you only see her sweet side, until you suddenly have simple misunderstandings, like her getting mad at you for failing to remember the day (and hour!) you first texted her.

However, the gravity of your conflict or argument would not deter you or her from fixing things up.

Two people who are right for each other are sensitive to each other’s needs.  Although there would be conflicts, they would
solve the conflict together.


Life for you as a couple can be incredibly exciting and comfortable at the same time.  You truly understand each other, because you
operate on the same wavelength.

You can talk and hold meaningful, lengthy conversations where each takes a turn speaking as the other listens.

Communication is the key.  If you cannot communicate about the simplest of things, you might not be able to build a good relationship arrangement together.


In choosing the right one, you must look for character, not simple looks or personality.  You have similar interests, ambitions, and
goals for the future.

The more you share each other’s aspirations and dreams, the better the chances of staying solidly together.


One of the signs of a good relationship is the emotional growth you have experienced from being in a relationship. You give each other self-confidence, and your relationship generates something new – a new experience, a new understanding, a new solution
– with each encounter.

Your commitment to each other, like the ring symbolizes, is forever.

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  1. I guess, my hubby is the ONE because what you've said above were all evident when we were dating. Also, my hubby is the only man who can make me laugh and cry at the same time. LOL!

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