Whatever the traffic offense, a motorist has the right to consult a traffic lawyer

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As the volume of road traffic increases, risk of accidents also increases. Most of the accidents are caused by speeding, careless or dangerous driving, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, etc. The law enforcement agencies have to come up with traffic offence charges to try to cut down on the number of accidents.

Some of the most common road traffic offences and charges:



These days when everything is expected to be fast and instant, everyone seems to be in such a hurry and lack patience when driving. It is not surprising that even the nicest people tend to drive above the speed limit and many more do so on truck roads and expressways.

If you are given a speeding ticket, you will incur a fine and license demerit points. And if you are a learner or P1 license holder, your license will be suspended at least 3 months – 6 months depending on the speed. To have your license suspended will cause much inconvenience to you especially when your work requires you to drive. You can consult a traffic lawyer San Francisco for advice and help to review your case.

Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs


This is possibly one of the most serious offences that not only put the driver in danger, but also risking the lives of other road users. If you are convicted, your license will be revoked and your car impounded. Before your life is being turned upside down, you should quickly get in touch with a traffic lawyer Sacramento to help you fight your case.

Using mobile phone while driving


Many mobile phone users choose to ignore this law and continue to make calls or send text messages when driving.

Failing to stop at a red light or running the red light


This is one very common offence that is captured by red light cameras positioned at the traffic light junctions.

Dangerous driving

  • This includes racing on the roads and aggressive driving without considering the safety of other road users.


  • Driving a vehicle with serious dangerous defect or defects.

Not wearing a seat belt


Wearing seat belt helps reduce road injuries and possible deaths.

Driving without insurance


In case of an accident, the insurance is there to cover other vehicles and drivers on the road.



Some drivers have the habit of tailgating the vehicle in front of them which can be annoying to the front driver and could be incredibly dangerous. Tailgating is an offence of careless driving.

Whatever your traffic offence, you have your rights as a motorist and should not be afraid to consult a traffic lawyer if you feel that you have been unfairly targeted or wrongly given a traffic ticket.

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