5 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Me

Last Updated on August 28, 2020 by Paula

1. He shouldn’t talk during the movie.  No one, but no one, should talk during the movie.

2. He should foot the bill.  Save the Dutch treat offers for the third date onwards. (But bring cash just   to be safe.)

3. He should take the seat facing the wall.  Because if you catch him checking out other girls while eating, bye-bye second date.

4. He should respect your space.  If he tries to find mirror floor fountains and  attempts to hold hands beside those fountains, he should wait till you’re ready.

5. He should be decisive.  If he is going to kiss you on the cheek when you say goodbye, he should just do it and get it over with.  Hanging with his lips half-pursed and his face half-tilted makes him look, well, dumb.

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  1. I have dated somebody way way back and suggested we take the bills in half, would you believe that? Kaloka!

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