Dude Do’s and Don’ts

Last Updated on August 28, 2020 by Paula


Boys seem to live in a different world.  Here are a few things you must know:

Don’t ever take them shopping.

For a lot of guys, going to the mall should have a purpose: to buy a pair of socks, get some Big Mac and fries or hang out at the arcade.

Just walking around and looking at stuff, even if you do hold hands, is boring for him-especially when you don’t end up buying anything!  I used to take the hubs with me shopping until he started hanging out more at the driver’s lounge or at the hardware store (it is the only place in the mall, aside from the cinema and the parking area where he can survive) and calling me within ten minutes that I am in the mall, that he is going home because he needs to use the bathroom.  When this happened more than a dozen times (he must hate the mall to have diarrhea every time he is in the mall), I got the idea.

Don’t expect them to multitask.

If I ask the hubby something or bug him to take me out shopping while he is reading the newspaper, he doesn’t answer or will just grunt a reply.  I used to take that personally, since I thought he was totally ignoring me.  Besides, I can answer him or my kids, easily, while I am on the phone, cooking dinner or doing the laundry. But then, research does say that guys’ minds aren’t as good at handling more than one task at a time as a girls’ minds are.  They aren’t wired to multitask.

Do appreciate them.

Women crave attention.  You love it when somebody loves your smile or your new hairstyle.  Guys do, too, even if they pretend they don’t.

They get satisfaction from action and accomplishment.  So instead of rolling your eyes, let them know they are great.

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  1. I am just like that the Daddy Allan is so patient with me when we go around for shopping. Actually, he's enjoying it too and he can go to grocery and market to buy our needs.

    Mommy Maye2

  2. I totally agree with this post! Actually, I believe that when your guy is still your bf, he still follows your every request. But when becomes your husband, then he will not do the kind of things that you said in this post.


  3. I agree with you 100%.. hehehe i dont want doing shopping with guys, they make hurry.. hehehe i also read about guys can't multitask.. it's just for girls

  4. I agree that guys are hopeless and can't multitask..if i do bring them shopping it will be just to 1 place buy and go back.. can't afford to browse around of window shop with them.

  5. yeah, the multitasking on hit home for me. If ask my son…go take your plate in, then make your bed, then put on your shoes….

    He takes his plate in, then looks at me like I have 4 eyes. He can't remember the second thing.


  6. yeah right. Guys find it hard to multitask but somehow, my boo knows that I know that he don't multitask a lot that's why he's trying to prove himself that he can.

  7. hi marie! i guess i must consider myself lucky to have a husband belonging to the minority group. he doesn't mind tagging along when i go to the mall (to shop or otherwise). maybe it's his way of making sure i don't overspend. lol

    btw, i'm a cpa too, though not practicing and currently on sabbatical from the corporate world. glad to know we have something in common. :)

  8. First off, the pic is soo cute ahahaha! And true. Your friends are also the family you wish you had and they better be positive people! Positive attracts positive that's the mantra..

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