Signs He’s Secretly In Love With You

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You think he is just being mean and weird, but what if he actually has feelings for you? The following are signs he may secretly be in love with you:

Like a true Knight in Shining Armor, he always comes to your rescue.  In fact, he calls himself “your trusty bodyguard, calm in crisis.”

Whether he’s threatening your younger brother to quit being a jerk or saving you from a member of “The Originals” who wants to sacrifice your blood to end a centuries-old curse, you can be sure that this boy’s always got your back.

He does a lot of lingering.  A LOT.  

Which means he banks on the magic of convenience and proximity:  If he’s always hanging around in your general vicinity, he’ll always  be in the right place at the right time.  It’s simple but brilliant.  So when you’re in desperate need of a dance partner while your current date is off watching the NFL playoff, all you have to do is scan the place for his puppy dog gaze that screams, “Pick me! Pick me!”  Pretty clever, this one is.

If you’re in a relationship with another dude, he mutters passive-aggressive comments under his breath to make you question your current squeeze’s love and devotion.  It won’t get you at first, but because he’s persistent and incredibly sneaky, you’ll find yourself knee-deep in doubt sooner than you think.

He pushes your current guy out of the picture-but never in an obvious way.

Aside from the aforementioned passive-aggressive comments, he will crack flirty jokes, make you feel uncomfortable every time you are alone in a room, and smolder at you inappropriately at the worst moments.

He’s defensive – very defensive.  

If you confront him about his bizarre, confusing behavior and suggest that this must be a sign he has feelings for you, he will deny it.  When you tell him that he is in denial, he will get upset.  And when you call him out on why he’s so upset if it’s not even true in the first place, he will say something even more bizarre and confusing like, “Upset is an emotion specific for those who care.”  Then he’ll disappear into the night.  Great.

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Of course, the fact that it’s a secret kind of love means he’s probably trying very hard too hide it – so you’ll never really know unless he tells you outright (and even then, he has the power to compel you to forget what you just heard).  Also the Vampire Diaries is not real life, okay, but do you have a Damon Salvatore hanging out there somewhere?

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  1. I'd like to fall in love again, Marie. A failed past relationship will never hinder me to love again. I hope I'd be wiser though in decision-making pero pag love matters kasi, I tend to be subjective.

  2. Why keep it a secret kasi? Di ba? Instead of being defensive or trying to push the other guy out of the way or doing other stupid things…really, sometimes, it just takes being honest and open, just that a lot of guys are sigurista these days. Whatever happened to the challenge of pursuing a girl despite knowing it will be hard work? Some guys would only make a move when they are "assured" the girl will accept him.

  3. sometimes guys try to show you by being mean yet you dont know that he actually has feelings for you and he just tries to hide it..hehehhe

  4. It's really nice to talk about this kind of stuff sometimes. reminds us of our youth. Hahaha. Watch out guys….girls know a lot na from you. Haha.

  5. Between the brothers, I'd always go for Damon. TVD fan. Twihard. That's me. There is one adjective/verb that hit me and fits him the most. Smolders. He Smolders. Smoldering eyes. I'm about to swoon.

  6. your post remind me of someone.. hehehe.. but anyway, i am uber kilig while reading your post.. i feel like a teenager :-)


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