Read This Before Letting Paralysis Define Your Happiness

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Life is unpredictable, and situations can change without us being ready for what is ahead. The mystery of fate makes some people go through spine injuries that leave them paralyzed. Statistics report that more than two million of the US population has paralysis. This condition may be mild affecting a specific part or severe, reducing movements of the lower part of the body. It is an unfortunate incidence that causes trauma to the victim and the entire family.

About 10% of paralyzed people in America suffer from depression. The first five years of leaving with a spine injury are usually the toughest. When such a person lacks close support, they may turn to substance dependence due to emotional problems such as low self-esteem. Living with such a disability can make you react negatively due to loss of independence, pain as well as body fatigue. However, some people have managed not to let their paralysis depress them. Find out how they achieve this.

How can you cope with spine injury?

Cope with spine injury

Know about your condition

Though the news is frustrating, finding out everything regarding your condition can equip with knowledge on how to adjust to the changes. Through your doctor, gain the necessary information regarding the severity of your condition so that you can reduce the confusion. Finding more about it will help you plan as you adjust certain situations in your life for you to cope well with the disability.

Understand your emotions

Experiencing trauma due to such a tragic event is normal. You may spend the first few days mourning the loss of your independence, and this is not wrong. The problem comes in when you don’t confront your feelings and live in denial. It may make you hurt yourself as you try to move on your own even after diagnosis.

Talk about your condition


Such severe injuries leave the people around you just as confused as you may be. Once you have discovered everything about your disability, you can help others around you understand your condition. Some may not know how to help but talking about it makes them comfortable and strengthens the relationships at home. Let them know when they are doing more than they should, so that you don’t feel incapable of doing anything. Answer the curious questions of your children to prevent them from pity and confusion.

Form a routine

Avoid concentrating on the pain or negative thoughts by establishing a routine that you can work with. You may be temporarily out of a job due to the injury, but a simple schedule will help you find a purpose in life. Healthy practices prevent you from having idle time to get stressed out and develop depression.

Take control of your life

Do not let you wheelchair limit your potential. Take charge by finding some constructive things that you can do while in this state. You can still enjoy your life and be productive even with the disability. Continue doing the things you love such as your favorite hobby as you engage in social activities to avoid withdrawing from the world.

Avoid fighting emotions with unhealthy substances

Some people abuse drugs as an outlet to escape from depression from paralysis. Texas drug and alcohol rehabs is an ideal facility to prevent you from alcohol addiction so that you don’t worsen your physical and mental state. Get help today and stop drowning feelings of hopelessness in drugs.

Attend therapy

Various forms of treatment can help you recover from your condition. Physical and occupational therapy helps you gradually make movements without injuring or straining your body. They help you develop muscle strength, motor skills and teach you how to adjust using a wheelchair. You can hire a therapist to go through these sessions at home for practice.

Take Medication

Anti-depressants such as venlafaxine can help you deal with feelings of hopelessness. Your doctor can also recommend mood stabilizing pills to help you control your emotions. There are also other forms of medication specifically meant for you. For instance, bladder control pills can prevent you from frequent visits to the toilet with decreased mobility. Pills to regulate spasticity of muscles and pain are crucial at this state.
Be patient
Even if you have a mild spine injury, it needs time for you to recover completely. It helps to stay motivated but do not rush it. Look at the reaction of your body towards the treatment methods and don’t push yourself to walk if your muscles are not strong enough.

Maintain a healthy diet.


With the help of a dietician, you can maintain healthy nutrition to prevent cases of gaining or losing excess weight. People who suffer from depression while paralyzed may have problems eating while others overeat due to the stress. Both of these conditions are unhealthy since the body is limited to few movements. A healthy diet prevents cases of obesity by keeping your cholesterol levels down.

Go for robotic gait practice

Thanks to technology, there is hope for a person who is paralyzed. Doctors recommend the use of robots to help you walk again. They may be expensive, but they give you the motivation to carry on with life without feeling useless.

Look for a mentorship program

Join a support group for people with spine injuries as they can understand your situation better than your family. They can help you know how to adapt to limited movements. These programs will raise your confidence so that you can find hope and move on with life positively.

Go for couple’s counseling

Being disabled may affect your sex life, but through counseling, you can find a solution not to frustrate your sexual partner. A counselor can help you as a couple know how to satisfy each other’s needs with safe tactics. They can also make you communicate better with one another to prevent dissatisfaction in bed.

Final thoughts

Paralysis is a challenging condition that can make one despair in life. However, you can find happiness without letting the disability define you. Start by using the strategies above to get your life back on track and adjust with the transition.It all starts with your attitude.

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