Losing Weight Through Hypnosis

Last Updated on August 14, 2020 by Paula

losing weight through hypnosis

Everyone – and I mean everyone – over-indulged this holiday season and must have gained a few of those unwanted pounds (don’t look at me, because I am among those who gained a lot!).

And since the New Year is about New Beginnings, I bet everyone is resolving to get rid of last year’s excess baggage and resolve to be a lot healthier this year and is in desperate search for a quick but permanent weight loss strategy.

Weight loss should be simple, right?

All you have to do is eat a little lesser than you used to and exercise way, way harder and you are on your way to slim heaven.

However, some people claim that your inner self – your subconscious – is preventing you from losing weight

The history of hypnosis has proven that hypnosis has resolved diseases which are otherwise incurable.

Skeptics may frown at this, but it really is mind over matter.

Hypnotherapy may help you trust in yourself and believe that you can succeed in losing weight and getting the body that you want.

In fact, you don’t even have to go to a professional hypnotist to break your weight barriers.  All you have to do is smash all the negative

Instead of claiming that diets won’t work for you or that you were born fat and will stay that way or that your diet will eventually fail, claim your victory.

Believe that you are capable of changing your body and improving your body image.

Sometimes, though, you need help in unloading all the negative self-talk and replacing them with positivity.

That’s the time when you need a hypnotist.  He can help you change your mindset, break barriers and reach your goal. And it does not stop there.  Once you achieve your goal, you are in for a lifetime change.

It is not all about weight loss.

It is about achieving our weight goals and creating  a new relationship with your body and the food you eat.

We tend to spend most of our time obsessing on our diet and workout programs.  The mind has to be included in the equation
as well.

Hypnosis will suggest that you are capable of choosing a healthy lifestyle for yourself.  And that goal alone will keep you from finishing that bag of chips or getting that slice of cake.

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  1. I want to continue by weight-loss regime after the holidays. I want to do it naturally thru exercise and of course, konting kain muna. hehehe

    Allan (www.chemistdad.com)

  2. I think eating in moderation and exercise talaga… and of course determination to success of losing weight… Talagang so easy to gain hard to loss but I'm going to keep it in moderation..:) Thanks Marie

  3. Wish to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. haha! It's been two years and I still have about 5 to 10 lbs to lose before I get back to my old body. I couldn't start to seriously diet kasi because I'm breastfeeding pa and it's making me eat like a construction worker all the time! Hahah! But then again, I could wait until my baby self-weans. 🙂

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