Nature in Full Bloom:Are You Good To Grow?

Last Updated on September 1, 2020 by Paula

This is a re-post from my Mommy Unwired blog.The Philippines, so they say, have only two seasons: Rainy Season and Dry Season. I don’t know what the season is now (probably in between the rainy and dry or the “just-right-season” or the holiday season?), but nature is sure showing off!!!

Flowers are blooming…

Hills are turning into fields of gold…

And the poinsettia leaves are turning red…

Everything is bursting into a kaleidoscope of colors!

How about you?  Are you blossoming?  Would you like to grow your confidence or your happiness? Act now and watch yourself bloom :)

Grow Your Confidence

Think about what you love about yourself and those little quirks and bad habits that you’d like to ditch.  Challenge yourself about wanting to make a change.

Ask yourself what worked before. The solutions may be obvious.  You may have times when you had that same problem and solved it fairly well.  Can’t lose weight? Look back to the time when you were eating healthily and working out regularly, then do those healthy habits again.

All you need to do is take the first giant step.  Sometimes, we dwell on negative thoughts too much that we miss out on our dreams. To change this, talk yourself into reaching your goals and believe in yourself.

Grow your happiness

Love and treat yourself right.  Relax and unwind at the spa, read your favorite book, watch a really good movie or bond with your kids.  Talking with my kids (kids are incredibly witty, in case you haven’t noticed!) totally relaxes me actually.  Moments I spend with them are priceless.

You can choose your mood.  Sometimes, we get really cranky and blame it on female hormones, but we can choose to have a better mood, although it is incredibly hard, I tell you.  Start by remembering that you can change your mood. Take a deep breath.  Finally, look around and notice what you love in this moment.  It may be that tweeting bird outside your window.  Open your heart to things that you love in the moment, no matter how small.

Be thankful!

Give yourself space to discover new passions and give yourself permission to mess stuff up.  Mistakes should not be an excuse for giving up.

“Look back and Thank God.
Look forward and Trust God.
Look around and Serve God.
Look within and Find God.”
Enjoy the season, everyone!

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  1. I went to a seminar a month ago where they shared a quote: "Your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds. You can choose to grow flowers or you can grow seeds." I think thinking if you are good to grow is timely for the New Year

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