Four Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During the Holiday Season

Last Updated on August 9, 2020 by Paula

You are so looking forward to the Holiday season and then you suddenly feel sick.

Cheer up.  Your sickness didn’t choose you.  It probably chose a lot of others, too.

Why is it that everybody seems to be sick during the holidays?

It probably may be a combination of factors.  The holiday crowd makes it so easy to pass on virus.

Add the cold season and the stress that comes along with it, and you have a perfect brew for a sick holiday. I am hoping you won’t have the need to visit an urgent care clinic , though, so here are :

Four Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During The Holiday Season


1.  Avoid the large crowd.

Experts say that viruses thrive in colder weather.  You can imagine how many sick people are doing their mandatory Christmas shopping.

If you can help it, avoid the large crowd and do your shopping in the early mall hours.  Also, avoid hugging or shaking hands with somebody who looks sick.

2.  Practice frequent hand washing.

If you can’t avoid to go to the malls, make it a practice to wash your hands.  You can imagine how many potential items that you have touched in the mall that have been touched by others.

Aside from that, being confined to the malls and the indoors give you less fresh air

3. Make sure you have your vaccinations.

Germs can spread easily, especially since traveling in many different places is so easy.  You can be a carrier and be a cause of a flu
outbreak in another place you are traveling to.  Make sure you have your regular flu vaccination to avoid being sick during the holiday season.<

4.  Avoid being stressed.

Several experts say that holidays cause our stress hormone to spike in our body making us more prone to infection.  This stress hormone called cortisol is a natural hormone  tht responds to stress.  Once this hormone spikes up, our immunity is lowered making us more susceptible to infection.

Of course, stress is unavoidable, but try getting plenty of rest to cope with it.

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