Motorcycles-Not as bad as you think (Benefits of riding motorcycles)

Last Updated on March 24, 2018 by Paula

The first thing that comes to most people’s mind whenever they hear about motorcycling is that it is dangerous. Compared to the car, a motorcycle does not have the structural protection of a car but it may not necessary be less safe than driving a car. With proper motorcycle apparel, motorcyclists sometimes enjoy better benefits than driving in a car.

Let us look at some of the following findings and benefits of riding motorcycles:

  • Some doctors consider riding motorcycles as a form of low-impact exercise where it is noted by some orthopaedic surgeons that motorcycle riders have fewer knee problems and have healthier, stronger knees and thighs. They also have stronger abdominal muscles due to the steering movements. With the right sitting position and posture, and with the handlebars, seat, foot pegs, and with helmet in place, the backbone will be pulled back into the right alignment and proper curvature. It is advisable for motorcyclists to get the best motorcycle helmets for women and men that will fit your head perfectly and snugly.

  • Riding a motorcycle exposes the rider to the natural surroundings and time in the sun increases the Vitamin D level, which is a mood enhancer and contributes to better mental health. If it gets too hot or too cold, putting on a good quality men or ladies motorcycle jacket will help protect the rider or passenger from the extreme weather conditions.

  • Commuting is easier and more fun when riding a motorcycle where you can weave in and out to get out of traffic congestion to get to work sooner and with less frustration.
  • Motorcycling enjoys better financial benefit such as lesser fuel consumption, cheaper basic maintenance, costs saving at toll booths and parking.
  • Motorcycle takes up fewer space for packing, when moving on the road and sending out less pollutant into the atmosphere.
  • Motorcyclists are found to be calmer, more confident, kinder and generally a happier lot with the right attitude. Experienced motorcyclists are more patience with other road users’ negligence because they are more mindful monitoring their own situation such as speed, road condition, possible hazards, etc. There is a kind of inner peace which will even stay with the motorcyclists when they are off their bike.
  • Motorcyclists tend to enjoy a sense of freedom when riding on the motorcycle. This freedom helps you appreciate your life and the people and things that are part of your life. Life becomes better when lived. Motorcyclists are in constant contact with nature and surrounding, feeling the breeze and breathing in the cool fresh air when riding in the early morning.

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