My Energizer!

Last Updated on September 1, 2020 by Paula

NaBloPoMo Prompt for the day: “What is your favorite way to recharge when you feel drained of energy?

Sleep would probably be my favorite way to recharge when I feel drained of energy…sometimes, I wish there are forty-eight hours in a day so I can finish everything in my unchecked to-do-list with time to sleep (because I sleep a measly five hours every night.)

I probably have spent sleepless nights when my three kids were babies.  Those were the times I feel so drained of energy.

But, you know, every time I hold them close while I am in tears because I was so so tired and wanted to sleep, my beautiful babies would suddenly give me a smile-a smile just for me…

…and suddenly, I would be like “Who needs sleep???”

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  1. Such a sweet post. I am sure the smiles are so worth the lack of sleep. I have a major love for the Eiffel Tower and love your heading!

  2. My way of recharging from a hard day with kids is usually to blog hop. That's me time and my relax time. Another way would be drinking Pepsi Max. Finally, sleep will always be the thing that will fully recharge me. A smile from my kids will be able to do it but sometimes they've annoyed me too much a smile doesn't cut it unless there's a hug and kiss too.

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