How To Make Your Netbook Battery Last Longer

Last Updated on August 14, 2020 by Paula

how to make netbook batteries last longer

Do you want your netbook battery to last longer?

My netbook  battery always dies on me.

Of course, it is old.  It has been with me for over six years!

My Dell laptop batteries have performed better than my even older netbook whose batteries conked out on me on year one.

One of the many reasons I got a netbook (aside from the reason then that it was in pink and I knew I had to get it!) is that it is convenient and I can bring it anywhere while I do my spreadsheets.  Having a longer battery life is something I badly need.

However, there are things I have been doing that is making  its battery life shorter.

Are you making your netbook battery life shorter?

To make your netbook battery last longer, here are things you should not be doing.

I always have my flash drive and CD writer plugged in while my netbook is on battery power.

I did not realize that these gadgets will leech the power the whole time they are plugged in.

I open a lot of windows while doing my spreadsheets, at a brighter light, while listening to music – from my netbook, of course.

Having too much applications definitely zonked out my laptop battery fast.

Now, I just concentrate on a task and then head on to another after I am done with the first.  And I don’t listen much to music anymore.

I am contented with the cafeteria music, although I do have to contend with that jazz number being played again.  For the millionth time.

I am always connected to wifi.

While doing some spreadsheets which I have to deliver in two hours, I can’t help but check out my facebook newsfeed.  I realized it is better to miss out on my online social feed than miss out on my more important report.<

I didn’t really know that Lithium ion batteries should not be completely discharged.  Charging them and discharging them is better than making them conk out then charging  them again to full power.

I overcharge.

Completely discharging my netbook batteries is as bad as overcharging them. I tend to sleep and forget to turn off the plug on my netbook.
There are safety circuits for some netbooks, but don’t let the charger on for a long time anyway.

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  1. Waaahhhh….I also have a pink netbook! At the urging of my friend, I chose it over the usual black or white hehehe… But I rarely use it now…it's mostly my tablet and the office desktop 🙂

  2. i guess this is all what i need, i kept charging my lappy even if it full charge.. i guess i have to give it at least 10 minutes without being hook to its charger.

  3. yes, those are the main reasons for having short batt life.. to add on it, dont forget to always power save the setting of your laptop.. less bright on the screen can save the bat life..=)

  4. Uy nice advice on this one. Harry (our HP laptop) since 2010 doesn't run long on batteries anymore. It'll work for only 45 to an hour then tada, dead on the spot hahaha!

  5. Thanks for the tips, whether in netbook or the desktop I usually open up a lot of applications. Kahit sa office, minsan umaangal na PC ko because I open up to 50 excel files at once tapos may kasama pang ibang application yan. hehe

  6. Great tips sis. True dapat hinde completely drained and di din dapat i-overcharged ang lithium batteries. That's why I told Daddy, he shouldn't connect the plug unless kelangan na magcharge. And remind him also to unplug the charger pag full na.

    Mommy Maye

  7. Ako din maraming nakabukas na application 😀 pero during the power outages which I need to maximize the life of my battery, I dimmed my brightness of my laptop and I open only the application for the moment. And the battery serves me longer.

  8. My charger dies quite a bit and it can be annoying so I'm taking note of your tips. Excellent tips! I'll keep this information around.

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