Keto Diet Planning Made Easy!

Last Updated on July 7, 2020 by Paula

Keto Diet Planning Made EASY!

My friends over at Tasteaholics just launched Custom Keto Meal Plans in their Total Keto Diet app. It’s an amazing product that they built to eliminate the stress of getting into keto successfully.

Anyone with a smartphone can use. No more recalculating macros or wondering how best to split a recipe’s servings – the work is done for you!

You’ll be able to:

  • FULLY customize to your dietary needs & preferences
  • Modify how many courses to eat each day
  • Avoid specific allergens
  • REPLACE recipes you don’t like instantly
  • Generate shopping lists that change dynamically
  • Export every week of meal plans to PDF for printing
  • Track food intake and create custom recipes ALL in one place

They offer a FREE 7-day trial! If the meal plans don’t have you loving your keto diet, you can cancel with ONE CLICK at any point and you won’t get charged a penny. No emails or phone calls needed.



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