Zac Efron on Dating, Going Shirtless and Having More Fun in the Philippines!!!

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Zac Efron, LOVE NA KITA!

I literally watched Zac Efron grow up (well, since High School Musical started anyway).

Way back when my daughters still adored The Disney Channel (ETC, with its Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, was practically non-existent ) and were crushing on regular, wholesome looking high school guys and not on some blue-eyed vampire who everybody thinks should play Christian Grey.  I did the countdown with them before “High School Musical” premiered (oh, yes, there was a countdown and  and by the way, it was a Disney TV movie) and indulged them by buying the original soundtrack and the Disney High School Musical Magazine.

even bought a dance and sing-along DVD!!! (It was fun learning their moves!!!It resurrected my inner High School Spirit!)

Zac Efron was in the Philippines a week ago to shoot with Penshoppe.  I honestly don’t know what happened to him and his career after High School Musical III, except that he and Vanessa Hudgens are no longer together. I am so over my fan girl mode for over 15 years now (ha!) and you know, I thought he was one of those “has-been celebrities” who do commercial print ads in foreign countries (like Lindsey Lohan?).

Imagine my surprise when he can’t stop talking about his Philippine trip, over a week after he did, at Ellen De Generes’ show!

He was actually gushing!!! Talking about how great the Philippines while he is in the country is  the norm, but if he can’t stop talking about the Philippines way after he left, well, that just means he genuinely loved it here. He was talking about having lunch on top of a volcano (okay, I will add that to my bucket list) and meeting two super cute girls who suddenly appeared out of nowhere in full fan mode.

Because of this video, old HSM fans are fangirling all over again.

And hey, he did turn out nicely :)

Great abs, too.

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  1. I've yet to watch this vid. Bagal Lang Internet connection namin ngayon :( I've only watched when he guessed on Ellen's show before he came here.
    wow you're a fan of Zac for 15 yrs Na! Ako this year lang when I've watched the Lucy One from torrent. I knew when he came to the Phils and rode the ATV at the Mayon lava trail. Happy to know he enjoyed coming here. Glad to know someone who's also a fan of Zac.

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