Clever Ways To Make Happy Happen On A Rainy day!

Last Updated on March 2, 2021 by Paula

Some people find rain romantic…


But if it has been raining wolves and tigers for three weeks straight, like what we are having here in my hometown,  everything starts to look dreary and depressing…


And I am not alone on this.

A lot of my block-mates complain not only about our internship uniforms (which need to be white even if we have to brave the rain), but about being moody, grumpy, feeling tired and sleepy.

However, since I cannot do anything about the weather, I am doing an attitude makeover.

And loving the rain…


The secret is to sneak in feel-good, constructive activities into your busy schedule whenever you can.  Trust me, if you want to be happy, you’ll make time for it.

If you have one minute…

Fake it. Smile even when you have the urge to frown.  Go ahead, smile…Feeling better already?


If you have five minutes…

Listen to a feel-good song. Music can change your state of mind completely and make you happy.


If you have one hour…

Watch an episode of your favorite sitcom.  Laughter, they say, is the best medicine.

Take a nap.  Twenty minutes is all you need to refresh your mental gas tank in the middle of the day.  It will keep you alert, awake and motivated.


If you have one day…

Makeover your wardrobe.  I love wearing bright colors and cute accessories on a dreary day.  They lift my spirits up.  I am particularly in love with lush, various shades of green.

green dress

Which makes me wonder… Stores stock up on outfits with dreary colors like black and gray and brown.  It is such a drag shopping for outfits that match the dreary weather.  It is a good thing Zalora stocks up on lovely shades and styles of green dresses.  I won’t stress myself out too much wondering where to get my green outfit.

Surround yourself with happy energetic people (your pet will do, too).


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