Is Fear A Bad Thing?

Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Paula

is fear a bad thing?

“What you fear determines your boundaries.”

When I saw this on my news stream, I had to stop and think.
 Wow!  It sounds a bit deep, I know, but it just means this, the things you fear are like bricks and the fear in your heart is like cement, and put together, they build up a wall around you that keeps you away from the things you may want in life – your dreams, your goals, your bright and exciting future.

When I thought about it, it totally made sense.

For example,  I am terribly afraid of spiders.  And not just the big, hairy ones, but even the little tiny baby ones that I could probably squash with my pinkie no problem.  Because of this fear, there are certain boxes in my old room that I will never open because that eight-legged monster has made its home inside (although I will forever wonder what sort of fabulous treasures I’d stored in those boxes that I will never see again).

Are you afraid of making mistakes?

Well, spiders are on thing, but what if you happen to be afraid of making mistakes.  that means you build a wall around yourself and keep all sorts of wonderful opportunities out because you are too scared to try them.  Or if you are afraid of rejection, you could be walking around school with an invisible foftrss around you and a sign that says “Keep Out!”, which is just what any would-be friends will do!

Fear is not a bad thing.

Of course, fear is not always a bad thing, just as walls are not always a bad thing.  Fear can keep you from doing things that would harm you – there’s a reason most of us would be afraid if we were ever face to face with a hungry tiger in the woods.  Fear keeps you from saying, “Here, kitty, kitty” and trying to make it your pet.
Some fears you can fight off with a little inspiration, but then some fears you will just have to face – even if you are still scared.  So if fear builds walls around you, you may not be able to take down the walls, but with a little help, you can still climb over them!

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