Feel Good In Your Skin

Last Updated on August 17, 2020 by Paula

Have you ever had an attack of the body blues?

I see all hands raised (my imagination can run wild, but yeah, I bet all of us have an attack of the body blues from time to time
every time)…

Did you know that us women of just about any size can gain confidence and look gorgeous with just a simple mindset that has nothing to do
with the words we fear the most – diet and exercise?

Women are such perfectionists when it comes to their bodies.  I bet Angelina Jolie has those thigh-hating moments, too.

Sure, every one of us know that there is not one ideal shape.

But still, we women tend to compare ourselves – a lot !

What is more terrible is that we measure ourselves against seemingly perfect women – mostly celebrities.

So how do you stop yourself from comparing yourself and feeling miserable just because you don’t  have her six-pack abs (and she – the celeb – has more kids than you)?

Simply by becoming comfortable with what you are – your weight, your size, your shape, your dimples, your sweet smile, all you other unique

When you feel fabulous, you will look fabulous!

Once you start appreciating and loving what you are and what you have, it will show.  That’s what true beauty is.

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  1. Let us not compare ourselves to other people, the more we compare ourselves the more we become insecure. Let's just love what we have and feel confident about about it. Because everyone of us is beautiful in our own way.

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