How To Look Young Without Spending A Cent

Last Updated on September 1, 2020 by Paula

In your twenties, your body may continue to defy gravity.  But wait till you hit your 30s.  You will start to have lines you never thought you will have and some parts of your body would sag and eventually follow gravity.

Staying out of the sun and investing in the right anti-aging products may be the keys to looking young.  But there is one beauty secret that would not cost you a cent:   slowing down and living in the moment.Of course, slowing down is pretty hard.  Everyone of us are such busy bees!  But if you will find out that every time you are majorly stressed, chemicals in your skin’s nerve endings are released into your skin and cause inflammation, practically speeding up the skin’s aging process, you would definitely want to slow down!  Those lines and wrinkles definitely won’t go well with your new outfit or your new hair.

Looking radiant without spending anything is actually easy.  Beating these “stress molecules” can be easy if you vow to do the following:

Wash your face every night.

Have you ever felt so zonked out that you skip washing your face before sleeping just because you are so tired?

I have. Quite a million times.  It seems to be much of a hassle to spare a few minutes to wash your face when you can do it in the morning instead.

But those few hours do make a difference,  as I have found out, quite a million times, too.

Failing to remove all the gunk in your face can cause enormous zits to suddenly develop overnight.  And I am not even talking about having wrinkles.  Cleaning your skin at night allows it to breathe, making it the best anti-aging regimen you will ever adapt.  This can also prevent rashes (which I had, countless of times, just because I was too lazy to wash my face) and eye infections like pink eye.  Seriously.

Work out.

Working out gives you the glow. You don’t need to be doing Shaun T’s  “Insanity” (although his “Hip Hop Abs” may bring fun to your work out regimen).  If you can’t spare an hour for your workout time, you don’t have to worry.  It is not how long you do your exercise.  It is how you do it regularly.  Cortisol levels can go down by doing just 15 minutes of yoga stretches four or five times a week. If you go for a totally no-impact workout, you can meditate.  Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and relax every muscle in your body.

Massage your face.

I have read abut a five-minute facial which make your skin instantly firmer.

If your face is constantly puffy, you can massage the lymph nodes to drain the puffiness away. Hold your index and middle-finger together on each hand.  Below each ear, rub down each side of your neck down to your collarbone.  Repeat a few times.  Next,  massage under your jawbone starting under your chin to your ears then down the sides of your neck.  Repeat a few times.  For swollen under-eye area (which can age you immensely), massage gently the skin from the inner to the outer corners of your eye, then hit your temples them go down the side of your face.  Repeat.Relax, take a deep breath.

Every time you are trying to rush, your body automatically goes into stress-reaction mode- your heart will beat like crazy and your blood pressure may rise.  That is a signal to take deep breaths which may stop your nerve endings from shooting damaging neuropeptides.  Try inhaling deeply, allowing the air to expand your abdomen, then exhale slowly while flattening your abdomen.  Repeat a few times. Doing this will definitely calm you.  Aileen of iHeart Good Health  wrote a helpful post on the right way to breathe.

Finally, check your face in the mirror.  You glow, girl!

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  1. I finally turned nightly face washing into a regular part of my routine at age 26. It's now five years later and I wish I could have caught on back in my teens!

  2. I'm in my mid-30s and am starting to look it. 🙁 Really should take time to take better care of how I look. Will start doing those you mentioned. 🙂

  3. Great tips! I know for sure that I need to relax more and excercise. Too much of my time is sitting (commuting, recpetionist, and crafter… )

  4. These are all great tips! We all wanted to stay young and feel young and there's a lot more to do about it rather than just depending on skin products.

  5. I'm guilty of not washing my face at night hehehe. Super tamad kasi, nagiging masipag lang pagmeron na black spots and pimples sa mukha. I will try the facial exercise too, sana hindi tatamarin. Thanks for the info Mommy Marie.

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