Ikaw Nga Ba Si Mr. Right? 9 Signs He May Be Mr. Right

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Is he Mr. Right?

You’ve probably already had your fair share of hits and misses when it comes to guys.  And who can blame you? Getting to know guys is hard enough.  Finding the right one is even trickier.


But once in a while, there’s a serendipitous moment when you finally bump into someone whom you feel is really boyfriend material.  It’s as if the universe conspired for you to meet and someday live happily ever after.

But let’s hold the wedding bells for a second.


Because it always starts out this way and in the end, you always end up right back where you started – sulking and wondering if there really is a guy out there for you.

To avoid those mistakes again, here are some signs that he is your Mr. Right:

1.  He checks out.

Every girl has an ideal guy in her mind.  It’s helpful to actually list the qualities you are looking for and rank them according to what’s important to you.  It’s also good to remember that not every guy you meet will have all the qualities you have on your list (hey, this isn’t a fairy tale, right?).  But if he checks out on at least your top three, then you definitely have a strong contender on your hands.

2.  He likes the same things you do.

Knowing that you both like your eggs sunny side up instead of scrambled can only take you so far.

But if you guys have activities and interests in common, then you two will probably have a blast together as friends and maybe even as two people in a relationship.

Of course, when it comes to the larger things in life like dreams and aspirations, it isn’t as easy to find a guy who shares your exact same outlook.

While it helps when you and your partner have a lot in common, the important thing is that you’re willing to grow and try new things with one another.  Besides,who wants a carbon copy of themselves for a boyfriend?  That would just be plain boring.

3.  He’s someone you’re comfortable with.

Another surefire sign to look out for is when you don’t mind spending the whole day with him.  You can just be lounging around the house the entire time watching wildlife shows and bad reruns and still have fun.

When you don’t mind him seeing you wearing the most unflattering clothes and no makeup, then this means you’re really comfortable with him. He puts you at ease and you can be your real self around him.

4.  He isn’t greedy.

Falling in love can have a lot of effects, not all of them good.

You may sometimes encounter guys that want you all to themselves, literally.

If your guy gets jealous a lot or if he sulks when you go out with your friends, then that’s not a good sign.

A keeper always knows that you have a life outside your relationship.

He will let you go out with your friends as much as you want and  maye even be willing to tag along when you ask him to.  And what’s more, he doesn’t mind if you have close guy friends too.  Now that’s a guy you can bet is in it for the long haul.

5.  He fits into your life.

It’s not just that he lives in the same village or that he goes to the same school as you.

What we mean by him fitting into your life is that you can already imagine introducing him to your parents or even extended family members as your boyfriend.

Granted, there may be several reasons why you’re hesitant to do so (such as religion and sometimes race), but what’s important is you feel that you have nothing to hide.

6.  He’s real.

You can always tell if your guy is a keeper when he’s the same person around you as he is with his friends.  This means he’s consistent with who he is and not just giving you that nice guy act in order to score pogi points.

7.  He brings out your best self.

You have to admit, you’re no saint.  But if your prospective boyfriend makes you want to be a better person, then he’s probably good for you.

When you’re with him, you’re less irritable and much more patient.  It can be something as small as waiting an extra five minutes for your order or something bigger like tolerating your hyperactive little brother.  If something’s good for you, then it has to be right, right?

8.  He makes time for you.

Most guys have a lot on their plate – studying, playing Mobile Legends, basketball after school, road trip with the guys.

But even with such a packed schedule, the right guy will always have the time for you.

He will endure hours upon hours of carrying your shopping bags while you try to look for that perfect red blouse at the mall and will stay up until the wee hours of the morning as you share all your problems with him.  And after this, he’ll still have the time to wash his father’s car in the morning and run for student council.

9.  He likes you, too.

This is perhaps the most important factor that you have to take into consideration when finding the right guy.

If the guy you’re eyeing fits all the descriptions above, it won’t really matter if he’s not interested in you.  It doesn’t matter how much you flip your shiny hair or flash that killer smile of yours.  If he’s not interested, then he is not interested.  Remember, if the only way you’ll be able to reel him in is by performing voodoo, then he is not right for you.  You’ll know a guy is right for you if he always flashes that trademark goofy smile when you enter the room – and you do, too!

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