Four Simple Ways To Catch a Guy’s Eye

Last Updated on March 2, 2021 by Paula

Sometimes, you want to let a guy know that you’re interested without being totally, well, OBVIOUS!

But how can you let a guy know that you exist without shouting, “Um…hel-lo?  I’m over here, Mr. crush-Boy!”

Here are a few things that can catch a guy’s eye:

Four Ways to Catch a Guy's eye

Think Pink!

Or blue, or purple, or yellow, or orange…a little flash of color can sometimes work wonders for getting attention.

If your clothes tend to fade into the background, you might want to try something bright for a change.

You could also borrow a piece of pretty jewelry (I like to borrow my sister’s), a cool hat, or a funky bag – anything new and noteworthy.

Don’t Fake it.


If you don’t know a free throw from a fadeaway, don’t pretend that the the biggest basketball fan on the planet just to talk to your basketball-loving crush!  The same goes for music, books, or movies.  At best, you will find yourself spending time doing things that you hate – and, at worst, you will look like a big fake.

But if you have different tastes, it is cool to trade notes on what each of you likes.

Don’t be afraid to try something new – if you love Taylor Swift and your guy is into hard-core rock, you can check out what he is raving about and he can check out Taylor Swift as well.  Just don’t pretend to be an expert on something you are not.

Go with What You Know.


You and your guy probably already have something in common – maybe it’s a class, hobby or an after-school activity.

If you know that you and your crush have a shared interest, make it work for you.

Ask if hew wants o get together to tackle that science project, study for that test, play tennis, or whatever!

Work Your Skills.

What are you good at?

Whether your thing is acting, singing , dancing, painting, playing sports, or writing, make sure Crush-Boy has a chance to see you shine.

If you whip up cupcakes for the big bake sale, give him a taste!

Or if you have a painting in the art show, point it out!

I know, I know…sometimes it is hard to toot your own horn.  That’s when you have to get friend to help! If your best friend knows about your crush, maybe she can toot away for you.  After all, what are friends for?

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