Love Letters: Why Are Guys’ Handwriting so Bad?

Last Updated on August 12, 2020 by Paula

Why are Guys’ Handwriting so bad?

It is the love month.

And who doesn’t look back to those love letters we so love to get and read?

why are guy handwriting bad

Except when the writer’s handwriting is so bad!

Why are most guys’ handwriting so bad?

The reason may be more biological than you think.

A handwriting analyst said that most boys develop fine motor skills later than girls.

When writing is taught, most boys may not be physically ready. Then, when their hands are finally ready, they are often frustrated with
the entire writing process that they’ve stopped trying!

The digital age is also to blame.

Gone are the days with carefully thought-of and composed letters written by candlelight.

Today, we’ve got e-mail and text messages.There are even ready-made love letters available on the net.

Never has expressing one’s love been more convenient.

Like most people now say, it is not the medium but the message that counts.

Personally, I still miss those old love letters!

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  1. My nephews' handwriting are bad lol! Sulat paa hahaha! But my dad's handwriting, I envy so much. He writes beautifully, cursive or block letters. Napipintasan pa nga nya sulat ko hehehe. Ah yes, those love letters (smiling)….mabuklat nga ulit :-)

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