What Do Guys Like?Your Guide To Guys’ Interests

Last Updated on August 7, 2020 by Paula

I just can’t get it.

My boy cousins love to have fart contests, laugh like hyenas over green jokes, speak with their mouths full, walk around the house shirtless (in full view of my girl gang) and flex their imaginary muscles, burp loudly in public.

I just can’t understand it.

Soo immature.

What guys like and what are guys’ interests are so strange/weird.

We still like them anyway…


(And oh, my mom would tell stories about crazy things her brother did to her and her girl cousins like he would fart on his palm and cup it over their mouths.  That is sooo gross!)

Let’s just say they are wired differently – they like doing what we girls aren’t required to understand – and unlike us tamer specie, they love (and we can’t seem to understand)…


Guys spend a lot of time watching and playing sports.

Any game is more important than any final exam.


They would stay at home, catch the latest football game or head over to the basketball court and shoot some hoops with his friends than hang out with you.  It’s painful, I know.

WHAT TO DO: Know what sports your guy is into.  Research on his favorite teams and players, and get to know the game schedules.  Watch games with him.  Who know? You may like the sport later.

NEVER: Nag or talk about your latest shopping trip when he is in sports mode.  Dont. Even. Think.About. It.


Personally, I know next to nothing when it comes to cars.  For me, it’s a convenient way of getting around without getting wet or really sweaty which I hate.  That’s it.  I bet you are like me!  Give me a high five High five.  If you’re not, then you’re in a much better place.  Most guys love cars, so there is a good chance your guy is into them, too.  A car is like their mechanical baby!
I bet there has been at least one girl who made her guy choose between her and his car – and lived to regret it.
Don’t be that girl!
WHAT TO DO: Know what makes a car cool.  Research on the latest brands.

NEVER: Say that all cars are the same.


Indeed, times have changed.  Before, when someone calls you a geek, you’d be insulted.  Now, being branded a geek is a source of pride and happiness.  Although a lot of people still refuse to admit it, geek is the new cool.  And what do most geeks love?
Comic Books!
Get One Now!

There are lots of superhero-related comic books out there, but they are not the only ones.  Contrary to popular belief, they can actually have the same level of depth as your regular novel.

WHAT TO DO: Visit a comic book store.  Try reading comic books and graphic novels yourself.  Watch the film adaptation with your guy.

NEVER: Say that the comic books are only for kids.


“If this film involves firing a gun, then I’m out!”
Some girls just don’t like seeing violence in any form.


Unfortunately, most guys do.
Whether it’s a slasher-horror film with guts and blood spattered all over the floor, an action piece with car and rooftop chases, or a scene with a good old-fashioned punch to the face, statistics show that the male demographic is the one to count on for ticket sales.  You can wait for the sensitive guy who loves to cuddle while watching romantic movies, or you can put on your brave face and watch fight scenes!

WHAT TO DO:  You don’t have to do it every time, but it’s nice to make an effort to accompany him to one of these gun fests.  It shows you’re a tough girl who can stomach a lot of things – instant plus points.  If all else fails, try to find a hot actor onscreen and catch up on daydreaming.

NEVER: Tell him he has no taste in movies.


I would understand if you hate video games with a vengeance.
Remember the date you had, the one who said he was “just finishing something” and ended up being late for two hours?  Yeah, that was probably because of some video game.  Like they say, if you want your guy to be happy, give him a video console for his birthday – just don’t expect him to spend more time with you afterwards.  Instead of complaining about losing your guy to a machine, embrace this fact of life and make it your ally.  Video games can be fun even for you!
WHAT TO DO:  Most games can be played by at least two people, so be that other person!  You may actually find the experience quite entertaining.  If you really don’t want to play, you can hang out and watch.  You never know when you  will be needing to make him follow you around on a shopping spree.

NEVER: Complain that video games are stupid.


Guys have raging hormones, so it is impossible for them not to find a fashion model attractive or an actress amazing.  Don’t get jealous if you catch him with a model as his wallpaper.
WHAT TO DO: Research on said crushes.  Find out what he likes about them and use this information to your advantage.  It it the hair, the clothes, or the personality.  Whatever it is, it will be helpful because it clues you in on what he is looking for in a girl.

NEVER: Discuss non-celebrity crushes; you will just get a headache.  Nobody wants that.

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