Philippine Menstrual Period Myths

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Philippine Menstrual Period Myths

You can function normally even when you are having your period

Growing up is tough enough.  Realizing you will have this “red thing” every month is tougher.  Menstrual myths are so big in the Philippines and since they come from old and naturally authoritative figures like Grandma, mom, the yaya, and your best friend, you will almost believe them. My grandmother actually insisted that a cousin of theirs died when she went for a swim in the river.  A best friend in high school insisted that if you swim with your period in the beach, sharks will attack you since they can smell your blood.  Here are some of those Philippine menstrual myths:

You can’t take a bath during your period.

 This is definitely one of those old yaya‘s tales that holds no truth.  For one, it is just plain gross to not wash yourself during that time of the month (or ever).  Second, soaking in a lukewarm bath or standing still under a hot shower can actually help your body relax and ease the pain of menstrual cramps.  Make sure you stay away from cold water-it can cause contractions that could lead to cramps.

Don’t ever exercise or your womb will sink (whatever they mean).  Stay in bed or perish.

Doctors will have a good laugh at this because body organs just don’t sink or fall.  Though it can be a hassle, your period is not a major sickness that leaves you debilitated every month.  Just because you have it doesn’t mean you’re sick.  You should be able to function like a normal person.  But when severe cramps and dysmennorhea do come along, give yourself some down time.

Stay out of the swimming pool (unless you want it to turn into , the Red Sea)

 Ever since tampons were invented, swimming during your period has become possible without the embarrassment of leaking.  Exercising does the body good even while menstruating, so if swimming is your sport, you shouldn’t let the crimson wave stop you.  Just make sure you stock up on  tampons and know how to use them properly.  Change them every three to six hours to avoid the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
And oh, there are no documented cases of a shark attacking somebody just because it is that time of the month for her. And although we sometimes do turn into totally different persons before and during menstruation (PMSing much?), don’t ever use your period as an excuse to avoid taking a bath!

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