Chia: Fuel For Mind and Body?

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Are Chia Seeds Fuel For the Mind and Body?

Older friends of mine are making a great deal out of chia seeds.

Oops, and yeah, there are younger ones as well.

Ate, maganda siya.  It can help you be payat.(It isgood.  It can help you become thin.)

Oh, ok.  Now that she has mentioned the weight loss thing…

What are Chia Seeds?

Ancient Aztec and Mayan warriors consumed chia seeds just before getting into combat because the seeds make them strong. I don’t know how the seeds are related to their extinction (and how the seeds didn’t help them), but many people are claiming that this “super seed” might be the Mayan’s enduring legacy (because boy, the 12.12.12 thing did fail epically!)

The Aztecs considered chia seeds “more valuable than gold.”  They used the seeds as medicine, offer them to gods during those religious rituals, and conquered tribes have to give them to the Aztecs as an annual tribute.

Plucked from obscurity and inspired by the vitality of lost civilizations, chia seeds have become the new buzz word, with some claiming the seeds as “Nature’s rocket fuel for the mind and body.”

They claim that chia seeds have:

Eight times more Omega 3 fatty acids than salmon.

Chia is the richest plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential to cardiovascular, mental, eye and bone health.  Omega 3 is an abundant source of energy and is also known to help in weight loss.

Six Times more protein than kidney beans.

Chia is the richest plant source of dietary protein, providing all the 9 essential amino acids in proper proportion including other non-essentials.  Protein helps build and repair body tissues, elevates metabolism, lowers cholesterol, fights cancer, and helps in the production of enzymes, hormones, cartilage, skin, blood, hair and nails.

Six times more calcium than milk.

Chia is a very good source of calcium which is essential in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.  It ensures a healthy alkaline level, controls blood clotting, protects the heart, helps in weight loss and prevents high blood pressure.

Three times more antioxidants than blueberries.

Chia is rich in antioxidants that are known for its anti-aging properties.  These fight cancer cells, boost immune system, alleviate diabetes symptoms, restore damage tissues, promote better sleep and remove toxins.

Fifteen times for magnesium than broccoli.

Chia is very rich in magnesium that is vital in maintaining a healthy heart.  It aids in the recovery from a heart attack or stroke, helps maintain proper muscle function, aids in the absorption of calcium and is known for its anti-stress properties.

Two times more potassium than banana.

Chia is a good source of potassium that maintains a regular heartbeat, helps carry oxygen to the brain, prevents kidney stone, and lowers blood pressure.

Nine times more phosphorous than whole milk.

Chia is an excellent source of phosphorous that helps filter out waste in the kidneys, maintains and repairs tissues and cells, and maintains healthy nerve function.

Three times more iron than spinach.

Chia is a good source of iron that helps in hemoglobin formation, enhances muscle and brain functions, regulates body temperature, strengthens immune system and promotes better sleep.

Four times more selenium than flax seed.

Chia is a good source of selenium that helps reduce the risk of cancer and cataracts, and maintains healthy thyroid function.

Rich in dietary fiber.

Chia is also an excellent source of dietary fiber that is best known for its ability to prevent and relieve constipation.  It aids in weight loss, lowers the risk of diabetes and heart attack, helps lower blood cholesterol and glucose level, and reduces inflammation.

Chia also contains omega 6 fatty acids, carbohydrates, boron, Vitamin A, thiamine (Vitamin B1), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), niacin (Vitamin B3), copper, zinc, and manganese.

With all the good stuff that chia seeds believers are saying, it really sounds like a super food.  I have been eating chia stuff for one month (usually mixed with my morning coffee) and I have proven one thing.  It sure is rich in dietary fiber.  It makes you go to the bathroom regularly, people.  I don’t know, but it sure is a good thing to go there regularly, especially if you can’t make a commitment to eat vegetables the whole time.

As for the other benefits, I will be finding out in the next months.  I am gunning for the weight loss benefit :)


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  1. Nuff said about the benefits…I think that alone would already sell the seeds hehehe…but I'd like to ask how it tastes when added to other food stuff?

  2. It has no taste seriously. They just go crunch and if you eat it raw, it could get in between your teeth and would be very uncomfortable (kasi nga it expands hehe).

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