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Hey, there, Gorgeous!
I guess not all princesses like us have a queen mom who is so into beauty boxes, BUT!  I am so glad my mom is.
And what does this really mean?
This means that if she happened to subscribe to a box which is not err…age-appropriate for her, I get to have it.
Cool, huh?
So before all the Beauty Box Goddesses notice me and grant all my beauty box wishes (just email me at venessa(at) ! shameless plugging lol), let me share with you the Beauty Box which was originally my mom’s which she eventually gave to me, just because she is not really into “MATTEs”.”
This Glamourbox Special Edition is to die for.


Thank you, mom! (Can I also have your Glamourbox #DropDeadGorgeous Box, please???Winking smile)

Inside this awesome box are the just-so-gorgeous BYS best-selling mattes.
For makeup beginners like me who are still a.) a student or b.) a fresh graduate who just passed the board exams and is still searching for a job, getting one of the world-class cosmetics (not tested on animals is one big requirement of mine, btw) is hard, except that BYS, which is an innovative Australian cosmetic brand , offers their cosmetics at reasonable prices.
So if I , by chance, run out of makeup, BYS is the brand I always run to.
So anyway, let us take a look at my mom’s (NOW MINE) BYS MATTE MAVEN GLAMOURBOX…
FIRST THINGS FIRST THOUGH, the reason why I love matte makeup is that it gives you this flawless look.  Think Bette Davis and all the beautiful 1950’s actresses.  They look perfect AND they used matte makeup.
 (The reason why my mom does not like matte though is that they tend to cake and emphasize wrinkles.  I guess older people – sorry, Mom – just can’t pull that matte makeup look perfectly).
This special edition BYS Matte Maven Subscription contains products worth P3,044.  Quite a steal since the box only costs P1,100.

What’s inside the BYS Matte Maven Glamourbox?

Inside the box is a nail polish, eyeliner, a brow liner, lipstick and matte nail polish.  Also included, but not inside the box since it is so big it won’t fit inside, is the contour and highlighting kit (my favorite!) which is really great in defining and highlighting your face.
I think that my mom half-heartedly gave the BYS Contour and Highlighting Kit in Daring to me (I had to ask her because she just gave me the highlighter kit after I saw that it should be included in the box), because it is such a babe.  I told you it was big, right?  It has four colors that define and sculpt your facial features.
The first two colors are labeled “Blush.” The third is for “Contouring” and the fourth is for “Highlighting.”  Do apply with a light hand, though, because it is pretty pigmented.  How I wish they have included a better brush (but which makeup brand has a really good makeup brush, right?)
This comes in full size (12 g) and retails at P1,099.
The BYS MATTE LIPSTICK (LATTE TO GO) that costs P299 is richly pigmented, but really too nude for fair Asian complexions like mine (it is almost the color of my skin which makes me look like an Asian horror movie character).
It has pink undertones which I guess looks good on – not me, BUT! I think this will be great as an under-eye concealer (I am serious.  This shade supposedly hides those hideous under-eye circles which I have an abundance of.)
THE BYS LIQUID BROW PEN IN BROWN (P449) comes in the natural brown that I love.  I love this because of its natural color.  Sayang lang since it dried when I forgot to put the lid back on.
THE BYS EYESADOW 8-PALETTE NEUTRALS (P499) contains neutral shades, the lighter ones which you can use as daytime makeup and the darker ones for a rockin’ night-out.  It is silky smooth and I also like its colors.
Nicole’s favorite (she makes perfect winged eyeliners!) is the BYS EYELINER GEL WITH BRUSH IN BLACK MAGIC (P549).
It has an angled-design brush which you dip into a pot of rich black color.  The angled brush is really helpful in perfectly lining your eyes plus the color doesn’t bleed!
It is my first time to use matte nail polish and its effect is a super flat finish.  I love this one as well!
Here is my Matte Maven look…
I guess this box is no longer available at Glamourbox, but you can still check out their other beauty boxes like the upcoming #EyeOfHorus Easy on the Eyes box, the Pop Beauty #DropDeadGorgeous Pop, and the Perfectly Pixi Glamourbox.
See you on my next unboxing!


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