4 don’ts when you are in crush

Broken heart DON’T forget to dress to impress.  You don’t want him to see you in some old rag that you have worn a bunch of times before, do you? Broken heart DON’T let him think you are too available.  Send yourself flowers from a “secret admirer on Valentine’s Day.  Let him be jealous! Broken heart DON’T join some boring after-school club just because you want to spend time with a particular guy.  There are loads of fish in the sea –you don’t want to get stuck swimming in one small pond. Broken heart DON’T spend too much time chatting with a guy on the phone.  After ten minutes, pretend you have another call and tell him you have to go.  You want to let him know you are in demand! cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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