My Mom and I Shopback Together!

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Venessa

How is your shopping experience with your mom? Well, I asked my mom about how she and grandma shopped waay waay back when there were no malls.  She told me she and Lola had special places where they get stuff, but like all daughters of her generation (I know so because my friends are saying the same thing), she and Lola had totally different styles.  Mom told me my grandma gives her the freedom to look and try on the clothes, but then, grandma has to give the final approval.  She would say, “Red shoes? That is so gaudy.” or “That is too short.  Are you sure you want to wear that?” She told me she vowed that if she will have kids in the future, she will give them a chance to rock their style.   I am glad the shopping scene is a whole new world right now. Mom and I like the same clothes (not all, though hehe), we go shopping together , we like the same online stores, and she is very involved in shopping, like I am.  And we are also very involved in discovering new online stores to make it easier for us to shop, too,  especially since she has been very busy with work lately and I have likewise been busy with internship.

Look at her new discovery lately.

  I have been eyeing this cute dress at Romwe when she told me there is a site where you could choose your online store of choice, shop, then after making your purchase, cash back would be awarded to you. Say that again, mom? “You shop at Romwe and this site ShopBack will pay you back? Seryoso?” Lemme check ShopBack…   ShopBack pays you, the customer if you shop online. If you purchase online after signing up with ShopBack, part of your purchases will go back to you in cash. ShopBack will pay me? Why? You see, ShopBack gets a commission if they send shoppers to their merchants’ sites.  Part of this commission is shared by ShopBack to you, the shopper. For instance, I told you I really like to get this Romwe Retro-spun Rose Scoop Neck and Cream Jumper, right? If I shop via ShopBack, ShopBack will be given a commission by Romwe for referring a customer to their site.  In return, ShopBack will be giving  me as much as 4% Cashback.  How cool is that, right?   Here’s how much I can get back from ShopBack: why-use-ShopBack Every time I shop using ShopBack, I click through my favorite online stores like Romwe and Zalora.  CashBack would then be awarded to my ShopBack account.  I can cash out my cashback via your bank account or PayPal. Zalora-shop-back So why don’t you go sign up with ShopBack? Because when we shop, the world gets better, right?cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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