Skin Whitening: Everything You Need to Know about YOUR Skin Color

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Venessa

brownspots  Having those unsightly brown spots on areas of your body, especially on the face, seem to be one of the top skin issues girls my age have to deal with. I used to think freckles were cute. My grandma had freckles, my mom has freckles and I am beginning to have freckles. Cute, right? Not if your friends joke about it, which my friends tend to do. A lot. To understand why people like me (and my mom and my sister and my grandma and my aunt) tend to have skin that darkens easily and is susceptible to brown spots and what are the best remedies for such, it is important to know what causes our skin color. Skin color is made up of three main components:

Each of these components play a

role in establishing your skin color. Melanin gives skin a darker color, Carotene gives that yellowish color to Asians like me, and the Blood Vessels which are visible through the skin give the skin its reddish or pinkish color. These three combine, resulting to an individual’s skin color. Those dark patches of skin or those tiny brown spots that I sooo detest is caused by an increased production of melanin. Melanin which is mainly responsible for skin darkening also prevents UV rays from the sun to greatly affect or damage our skin. This is why when we spend a considerable amount of time under the sun, we get a tan. Melanin production is increased, contributing to a darker skin color. If the melanin is not enough to fight the effects of the sun, you will get a nasty sunburn. And here is one more thing, some patches of skin respond differently to sun exposure. This will cause brown spots to appear on your otherwise flawless skin. This is why it is very important to keep away from sun exposure, especially if you are naturally fair-skinned. Fair skin lacks melanin, making it more susceptible to skin burns and scars. Sun exposure is not the only reason for the appearance of browns spots. Read about all of them and about how you can treat them in an efficient, yet natural and non-invasive manner here. icon

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