A Quick Guide To Getting Those Happy Vibes

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Want to Always Be Happy? Here is a Quick Guide To Getting Those Happy Vibes!

O means Optimism.  Thinking positive may be a cliche, but there is a reason why it never dies down: It works!

Magnify Happiness

Guide To Happy Vibes

Have you ever had a day when everything seemed to fall into place and absolutely nothing went wrong?

Chances are, something did go wrong on that day, but you just didn’t mind it.

Positive thinking is similar to this – you focus on what makes you happy and hold on to it, rather than obsessing over what doesn’t go according to plan and letting it eat you up.

Do your part.

Always Have Happy Vibes

Being optimistic is a state of mind, but making it come to life is entirely up to you.

Want to be a part of the cheerdancing team? Rehearse your moves!  Couple that with believing you can get in, and you most probably will.

Hang out with positive people.

Optimism Creates Happy Vibes

Being with pessimistic pals who always complain about their lives will just increase your stress levels and ultimately influence you to think the same way.  Live by the saying, “Never associate with people who do not contribute to your highest happiness.”

Because really, what’s the point?

De-clutter and organize.

Looking for lost stuff just adds to your stress, so do yourself a favor and keep things orderly and pleasant to the eyes.

Look good.

You know how there’s more bounce to your walk when you like your outfit?

Make an effort to dress up and look pretty despite a hectic day.  Emitting a positive vibe has to start with how you feel about yourself.

See the funny side of things.

Operation Optimism

Don’t take everything too seriously!

Over-analyzing will only lead you to obsess over mistakes that were beyond your control.

Also, make it a point to surround yourself with things that make you smile:  a picture of your dog, the last time your old high school friends got together.

Then whenever something bad happens, hold on to these things – they may not solve your problems, but they will give you the strength to surpass them.


Whenever you feel a negative thought coming, train yourself to recognize it and to catch yourself even before it does the job of ruining things for you.

When it occurs, think STOP! and picture a stop sign.  Then, think of something positive to replace it with and focus on that instead.

It’s never too late!

So you’ve been jaded for quite a while, and you feel like it is not worth changing your outlook.  Girl, you’re wrong!  Switch your mindset now and you’ll still reap the benefits in the long run.There’s never a bad time to move forward and grow.

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