Tips for Driving in Intense Winter Conditions

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Wintertime means glowing fireplaces, snowball fights, skiing and other outdoor sports, and numerous holidays. Unfortunately, it also comes with increased dangers for drivers. You don’t have to reduce your driving during this season, though. By utilizing the following tips, you can increase your safety while driving even in the most intense winter weather conditions.

Prepare Before You Hit the Road

Breaking down is horrible no matter what time of year it is, but it’s much more dangerous in the winter. Take your car in for a routine service to ensure all parts and systems are functioning properly. Check your tire tread and pressure, along with your lights and windshield wipers, as well. Have an emergency kit in your trunk and know your route before you head out.

Drive Defensively

Winter is the time to care more about your safety than your speed. Visibility is poor, and you can meet hazards such as broken branches, black ice, and wandering wildlife. Allow for extra time to get places so you can drive at or below the speed limit. Keep in mind that braking takes longer on slick roads, so go slowly and add distance between you and other motorists. Stay off your cell phone to avoid distraction.

Protect Your Parked Car

When your car will be parked for a long time, or a snowstorm is coming, shield your vehicle from the inclement weather with a car cover. Luxury car covers offer the most protection from the harsh elements and eliminate the need to clean off your car before driving.

If you’re lucky enough to park inside a residential or commercial garage, or you just don’t drive that often in the winter, you’re still not off the hook if you want to keep your vehicle in the best condition. Indoor car covers provide sufficient protection.

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