Call Me Crazy, But I Am Joining The NaBloPoMo (Part II)

Last Updated on September 4, 2020 by Paula

So, is this a new blog or your mommy blog disguised as another blog?


I have been blogging since August over at my Mommy Unwired blog.  Before that, I probably had three or four neglected blogspot and wordpress blogs, plus a live journal blog, with an average of only one or two posts.

Mommy Unwired was not even meant to be a serious mommy blog.

Before it became all about The Mom, it was all about The Lumpy Space Princess. (IKR.  I love Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. Seriously.

Until my son caught on the “stupid” word and other cartoon wisecracks which adults would love to say, but you wouldn’t want your young son to love saying.)

The reason for getting a custom domain was kind of lame, too, but I am reserving the story behind the custom domain in another post.This blog, which has no sensible posts, by the way, except for the first post (the others were test posts for the other site), was originally created when my eldest daughter turned thirteen and was suddenly all too serious and weird and funny, all at the same time, hence, the Raised By Teenagers blog name.However, being one of the world’s greatest procrastinator, the blog shriveled and died a natural blog death by neglect.

Joining the November NaBloPoMo  gave me a concrete lesson on commitment.  And making it through the whole November month, posting everyday, made me confident that once I put my heart into something, I can cease to become one of the world’s greatest procrastinator.

The NaBloPoMo, by the way, stands for National Blog Posting Month. National Blog Posting Month began in November 2006 as an offshoot of National Novel Writing Month. These writing and blogging events are big events in November. NaBloPoMo, however, has been turned into a monthly thing, and for December, the theme is: Work. (Go ahead, click the badge or you can log in to BlogHer. You have till the 5th to sign up)

I got this blog’s custom domain about two weeks ago, and the “Raised by Teenagers” name was ditched.  Would this be another mommy blog again?

Being a mom made me nurture and care for every one, but myself. Being always the giver, the listener, the comforter, the screamer (!) made me neglect every aspect of myself in epic proportions.

Starting today, my project will be all about me, only better!


Okay.  I can’t stop being a mom, even for a second, so I may include some , very few (I promise) mommy thoughts here.

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  1. Hi there! Your blogging habits sound a lot like mine, and like you, I've started and killed so many blogs with neglect!

    I also have a Mummy blog (the one linked here), and a Writer's blog (, where I'm doing my NaBloPoMo too!

    I'm really inspired that you stuck through November. Shall be cheering you on for sure.

  2. Break a leg, Marie 🙂 I'm sure this blog will be filled with exciting entries we'll all love reading in the future. By the way, I'm getting frustrated now with my dot com. Everyone seems to be busy so the person who seems to know how to fix it apparently has no time 🙁 … still I'm contemplating to pay so my dot com will be resolved buy I'm weighing things.

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