Blessed Sunday: Love, Time and Work

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The year is about to end.

Have you realized it yet?  It is like it has suddenly become the trending topic all over.  Some look forward to finishing the year the right way, others dread the end thinking they haven’t done much yet, and of course, there are actually a  handful who actually think and believe that the world would be ending sometime this month (Oh, no! Not before I get my Christmas bonus!).

Of course, we are all aware that there are 366 days this year.  We go to work, eight hours a day, five days a week.  We can tell with certainty what time it will be an hour form now.  We know that tomorrow will be the day after today.  Time has always been there, ticking constantly.  It is just our concept of it, how it flies when we are having fun and how slow it is when we are stuck into something we don’t enjoy doing.

What it all comes down to is how we spend our time, what we do and why we do it.

Your time well spent means that you love what you do.  Enjoying what you do makes a big difference in how you look at time and how you look forward to your day.

Admittedly, not a lot have the fortune of doing what they love.  You may find yourself waking up each morning, dragging yourself to a place where eight hours, five days a week, you die a little inside, just because you need to. You have to.

But just because you are one of the many who stare at the clock, marveling how five minutes before five o’clock seemed like five hours, who can’t wait to end another desolate day, doesn’t mean that it is too late to turn your desolation to jubilation.

Learn to celebrate each success and lessons learned.  Love your work and be open to challenges.  Believe me, it is tough.  I have spent countless sleepless nights wondering why I put up with my job and what can I do about it, then I realize it all boils down to learning to love what you do.

As Freud once said, “Love and work, work and love…that’s all there is.”

Blessed Sunday, everyone!

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  1. This year is about to end… and I have too much to be thankful for! As you said, time well spent means that you love what you do… and for this year, so much more have come my way, so many challenges, so many new learnings and opportunities which I also found to love!!!

  2. I would say, year 2012 is not a good year for me and my family in terms of health issues. but I am still thankful for all the blessings that I and my family received through out the year

  3. 2012 is not a year for us either, we had a lot of heartaches and sadness but still we manage to pull through and still we thank God for all the blessings that we had in spite of everything. :))

  4. That's right…It is all about finding the right way to spend your time wisely with all those who matters most to you…also on doing certain things for the right reasons :)

  5. Sunday indeed is a great time to reflect on why we do the things we do. It is great to love our work as it keeps us from being idle and you know what idle minds and idle hands breed.

  6. Love what you do is an advise we would want to share to others… this makes life really more fun … and more so, if you are given the chance to work with very wonderful people!

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