Super Summer Enders!

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fun summer days

The summer may be halfway over here in the Philippines.  I know there were boring days after euphoric days of not going to school.  But hey, it is not too late to make it memorable!  You can still have a blast with your besties and siblings and make Summer 2013 the best summer ever!

What to do if you have…

One month

🌻Hit the salon and try something different from your usual style !

While you’re not about to dye your hair fiery red , you can try a new hairstyle.  You can try cutting it short or you can try getting a digital perm or you can try getting bangs! If you feel your new hairstyle just doesn’t cut it, you still have a month to let it grow out!

🌻Make a Summer Memoir

🌻Start writing about your summer moments, your summer love, beach events, summer camp or workshops, summer-loving people you met.  Make it a tradition and do it every year! Write on  journals  which you can personalize, like those on  Save the summer camp name labels and stick them to your summer memoir.

🌻Set a time each day to write down the fun things that happened or the things you’re grateful for.  Don’t forget to keep photos of your trips, new friends and summer workshops!  Remembering the fun times will be a whole lot easier easier.

One  Week

🌻Call in your fave crafty besties and think of ways to make DIY projects instead of going school supply shopping!

🌻Make a list of things you need and hold DIY afternoons at home!  Maybe you can spice up an old pouch instead of buying an old pencil case or use old magazines to wrap your notebooks instead of buying rolls of plastic to cover your books-you’ll save money and have a blast being creative at the same time!

🌻Finally start that book you’ve been wanting to read or find a new one!

🌻Enjoy the time you have to read your fave books-you’ll soon be buried in textbooks again.

🌻Meet up with your new summer friends!

You’ll have less time to meet up with the new friends you made over the summer, especially if they’re *from different schools!  Hold a workshop reunion-and promise to stay in touch!

One day

🌻Go all out and throw a huge water fight in your backyard!

🌻Invite all your besties and tell your sibs or cousins to invite their besties, too. Not only will you guys have a blast, but you’ll get to know your siblings’ friends too-last-minute new pals for the summer!

🌻Team up with your sibs and offer to cook a meal for your family!

🌻Divide yourself up into committees, with each having his or her own responsibility.  Who knows, if it goes really well, you can add “cooking awesome adobo” to the list of new skills you’ve learned this summer!

🌻Hold an all-day board game tournament!

🌻Pick three simple board games and start early in the morning. My fave is Twister, by the way. Make it more fun by agreeing on conditions-losers have to wake up an hour earlier on the first day of school.

🌻Or have a DVD movie fest

Make your Summer 2013 rock.  And remember, write about it!

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  1. A summer memoir! I'll go for that..Thanks for reminding me it's summer. Medyo na focus ako sa status na 2-3 months delayed ang salary namin. I didn't get the chance to enjoy summer big deal. Anyway, hanapan ng paraan yan.:)

  2. If I would be home, as in in my real home….I will never ran out of things to do. Sometimes it depends on how we utilize out time din. Yours are really great tips! Love them! 🙂

  3. great summer tips and list.. I will surely make my summer memorable… well, I still have a month left, hopefully earning online will be good until then..


  4. Because I can't long travels this year because of some reason that I'll be revealing soon, I think I think I'll make good memories at home or the nearby areas this summer.

  5. Noooooo…. summer's not ending yet! LOL! Seriously, we've been having so much fun this year, I don't want our vacation to end. But we'll do the water fight to stave off the heat. The kids will definitely love that!

  6. I have not done one summer activity this year. Boo me. I miss being a student when I have all the time in the world during summer. The downside: no allowance. hehe

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