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  1. Good to hear about the rehab of Burnham Lake. We should take care of our tourist spots like Baguio. Wow, those are huge! How did they get so big living in the lake….

  2. @lady anne and vera, they should complete this before the panagbenga which will be in february. Hope they can finish, because the last time the lake was dredged, it took months!

  3. @Allan, the lake was manmade but I think it was a small body of water, like a marsh?, back then. It was where horses drink their water way back in the 1900s (Marlboro country dati ang Baguio hehe)

  4. I haven't been into that place so if I ever I visit, I don't know which has been changed. Dami kong tawa sa locness monster hahahha!!!!

  5. i haven't to baguio for years…i heard the rehab involves dredging of the lake, that would affect visitors for Pinagbenga, lapit na di ba…

  6. @Meikah, I think their target date is on the first week of Feb. They are filling the lake with water now. It needs water equivalent to the whole city's one day supply. Hala, baka madivert water there and we won't have water anymore

  7. That's a nice initiative of the government to rehabilitate one of Baguio's tourist destinations. I've been to Baguio May of last year when I haven't been blogging yet. :) I definitely had a looooot of fun! I have friends in Baguio who gladly toured my around. I hope to meet you if ever lang, that I go back once again for the Panagbenga Festival for work. By the way, just a trivia, I went to Baguio last year for the first ever Bloggers' Conference held at UP Baguio. Wonder if you were in attendance at that time? I took notes about basics in blogging and 2 months after that, I started Mommy Practicality. Sorry, this is such a long comment already. I just have fond memories of Baguio. Hoping to come back soon! :)

  8. This is a very good initiative for Baguio! How everyone has to visit Burnham Park or not have visited Baguio at all! I remember about the eel when we were in the US and we were told to feed the eel. We forgot if it was once a day or once a week! I think we overfed the eel!

  9. Sis, akala ko wordless Wednesday. Bakit may description? ;-P

    My last visit to Baguio was in March 2010 and I noticed the congested roads, pollution and the massive people. I love the weather pero I don't think I'll survive 9.5 degrees! :)

  10. @everybody, I dint even know those creatures are lurking in the murky lake. Akala ko nga dead ang lake as in no creatur will stay alive cuz it looked so murky! Plus, you don't see them when you go boating. You only see the little fishies

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