Should You Get Married Already?

Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Paula

Okay, so your best friend, younger sister, and Zumba classmate are all getting married within the year.

You have hosted bridal showers for them and you know the best place to buy lingerie.

You are getting quite a little bit green.

You imagine yourself going down the aisle, but then, you are not quite sure if your guy is The One.

But what if he is as good as you will ever get?  Besides, older people insist that your 20s are the best time to have kids.

Before going on a panic attack, remember that times have changed from the days women were considered “old maids” if they remain unmarried by the time they turn 30.  It is best to take your sweet time and figure out if getting married now would fit you.

To get married before you turn 30 should not be an item in your bucket list.

You should get to know yourself first and be confident and happy with who you are.  Once you love yourself will you only be able
to love another as fiercely and as tenderly.

Find someone who will love, respect, appreciate and cherish you.

Don’t let your age and other people pressure you into ditching your single status.  Being single and thirty is not a valid reason
to want a wedding ring.

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