Confessions of a Serial Crash Dieter

Last Updated on May 23, 2020 by Paula

Are You A Serial Crash Dieter?


Like most women, I have tried numerous methods over the years to try to lose extra weight.

❗ In high school, I skipped dinner.

❗ In college, my go-to diet was the cabbage diet, which promised a 10-pound weight loss in seven days.

❗ A few years ago, I tried a fad diet, but gave up around day five when I was required to eat six whole tomatoes.

Another diet didn’t allow me to mix carbs with protein;  I abandoned it the minute my desire to eat adobo with rice overpowered my desire to have a slim waistline.  I AM A SERIAL CRASH DIETER.

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Seriously, I was so addicted to crash dieting.

Recently, reflecting on my slow-but-sure weight gain over the past few years(o.k., it went way fast in December.  As in, over the roof!), I
realized that I had been putting myself through days or weeks of culinary hell to make up for years of eating with abandon.

And what I learned from crash dieting for more than half my life is this-  when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, there are absolutely no shortcuts.  Unless you go for surgery or something.


The realization led to a big step.


I have to accept that –

✅I am not one of the lucky few who can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound,
✅I cannot eat dessert after every meal because that croissant goes straight to my thighs, and
✅ I didn’t put on extra weight overnight and would thus need time lose everything I had gained.

I decided to commit something I could keep up my whole life, not just for three days.

Are you keto-clueless? Get keto-fied by reading my Ultimate Keto FAQ.

And so lately, I’ve been doing what I should have been doing all along.

Eating less meat and more veggies , and allowing myself the occasional sweet treat (just enough so that I don’t feel deprived).

It is a tough journey , I know, but I am on my way into living a happily balanced diet zone.😄

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  1. I gained a lot the past year and I am slowly incorporating exercise as one of my fitness activities. I do zumba as often as I can. I have not cut back on food intake yet. Have not seen the changes yet but I feel better after every exercise. I feel like I have accomplished something.

  2. try portion control. you get to eat everything pa rin but in moderation and this won't end up in bingeing like when you restrict yourself of a food group. exercise also helps 🙂 good luck to us! hehehe!

  3. I hear you sis. I've gained a considerable amount of weight when I hit mid 30's and everything thereafter are all uphill! Hay!

    I've seen friends who exercised regularly and did portion control eating lost the unwanted flabs and became healthier and off the meds. I would like that too and I have to rewire my brain!

  4. I don't even want to think about what I've done or didn't do before. hehehe. Right now, I am into green smoothies 🙂

  5. like you i struggle losing weight after my pregnancy, i don't even realized that i'm overweight now, it's so hard if you don't have determination and set yourself, the couple of weeks are brutal but i'm sure after a month of the diet you are sticking i'm sure you'll eventually losing weight.

  6. I remember during my high school years, I also tried not eating rice on my every meal. But it's really hard to be done and eventually I end up eating lots of carbs.

  7. My sister inspires me in having a slim figure (Ideal weight versus height). The secret is to eat less more often with healthy meals. Then have one day as a cheat day to treat yourself with your comfort food. ^_^

  8. Losing weight is different for everybody. I have tried the after 6 diet where you don't eat anything after 6 pm. It works for me and I wake up in the morning very hungry for breakfast

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