Fun Wedding Reception Music

Last Updated on August 24, 2020 by Paula

fun wedding reception music

I have been to a wedding ceremony out of town this week and it got me thinking.

A lot stayed practically just waiting for the food to be served so that they can leave.

One of the many ways a wedding reception can be entertaining with the guests wanting to stay because they are having fun is having great music.

People love the sizzling energy of a live music band playing, but also would like to hear their favorite music played by DJ’s doing their cool music thing from their dj stands from musicians friend.  The guests would totally love a live dance band along with music they love played by talented disc jockeys.

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  1. good music may help but to be frank about it, there's something with formal occasions that make us Filipinos uncomfortable (or maybe those within my sphere).. its also not in our custom (in general) to dance/ "party" during weddings unlike in the US. We normally just watch. Hihihi (with some exceptions of course)

  2. Playing the right kind of music is important at any wedding and the bride and groom must make sure they select music that suits their interest.
    Yes, I've been gone awhile. :-)

  3. Having music during the reception is a good way to entertain the guests. Otherwise, it would be good for you if you can sit together with someone you know and can talk to.

  4. Lively music is nice but I would prefer yung string ensemble, like para kang nasa hotel lounge hehehe. Of course, the younger ones wouldn't probably appreciate that very much.

  5. In our country, wedding reception ends right after the ceremony is finished and the guests have partaken of the wedding feast. Seldom do guests stay long enough to party and to really celebrate.

  6. Here in our province, you'd be lucky if the guests didn't eat and run. So when we got married, we made sure music was playing, no live band though but we had games in between so that the wedding wouldn't be so stiff.

  7. Live music is a must! We were quite worried that our guests wouldn't stay at the reception since the ceremony ended around 8pm (mass at 6!). Good thing, we had a violinist during cocktails and an acoustic band during dinner. Thanks to the band, our guests had a great time and stayed until midnight!

  8. This is very important for me! More than the ceremony, I want a swinging party with the best musicians I can afford hehe.

  9. during our wedding, the songs I saved in my flash drive doesn't play. Good thing the sound operator has lots of love songs that can be played in the reception.

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